• In the month of November grades Kindergarten and 2nd will be introduced to the game of soccer. The students will learn the skills of passing, shooting, dribbling and goal tending. Along with the skills the students will learn the rules of soccer. Once the students learn the skills and rules of soccer they will engage in the game of Sideline Soccer. 
    The 3rd - 5th graders will be learning the game of Speedball.
    Speedball is a fast-paced sport that combines many aspects of other sports. Points are scored by throwing or kicking the ball into the opposing goal. It is played with two teams of five or more, each with one goalie on a basketball court or soccer field. The main objective of speedball is the same objective of soccer. There are two goals, each guarded by the opposite team members or a goalie. Each team attempts to throw the ball into the goal. However, unlike soccer, there are multiple ways goals can be scored. Goals can be scored by kicking the ball into the net or through goal line markers with one's feet or throwing the ball into the goal. "Kicks" into the soccer goal are worth 1 point while "throws" are worth two points and shots made into the basket are worth three points. The team that scores the most goals by the end of the match wins the game. All players must stay out of the goalie crease which is represented by lines on the floor. Only the goalie is allowed in the crease. If a player is in the crease at the time of a goal the goal will not be allowed. 
    The game starts by having a jump ball in the center of the court/field, the players are allowed to move anywhere on the court/field of game play. The field players are permitted to touch the ball with any part of their body at any time EXCEPT their arms/hands. Players may use their arms/hands as long as the last thing the ball touches is not the ground; one may not pick up the ball from the ground.  A player may not use their feet to get the ball in the air to carry it around.

    If a player does touch the ball with their arms illegally, then it is considered a handball penalty and will result in the ball being placed back on the ground and the game of soccer will be resumed. If the player has the ball in his/her hands, they must make every effort to stop moving as fast as possible. Once a player has a ball in their possession, they can pass it off, attempt to score, or drop the ball in order to utilize other parts of the body to move the ball. Goalies must stay on their side of the court and can't cross the half line. Goalies can touch the ball with any part of their body, meaning that they can pick up the ball off the ground without it being considered an "illegal" move.