• In the month of September grades Kindergarten and 1st will be working on personal space, general space, throwing and catching skills. The students will learn the difference between underhand throwing and overhand throwing. They will also learn how to position their hands to receive an object. The students will learn the importance of using their eyes when catching. This is called tracking. 
    The 3rd - 5th graders will be participating in Project Fit America. In the sping of 2018 Central Avenue School was awarded a grant from Project Fit America. An above ground fitness area was built next to the CAS playgoud. Along with equipment the school was giving materials for indoor lessons. Along with the equipment and materials the students will participate in fitness exercises and be scored. The scoring is based off of male/female and age. The scores are sent to a database where Project Fit evaluates the students. Top scorers are recognized with charts on the wall and awards are given. As a educator I am lookinig for students to try their best and to try and improve their scores. The events that are held are a 2 minutes sit up test, a timed flexed arm hang, the PACER test, a 600 yard run and vault jumps. The scores are recorded and compared to scores that are taken again in the spring.