•  Math in Focus Fun!

    Ways to Add and Subtract (Strategies to choose from)
    *Count On
    *Count Back
    *Number Bonds
    *Make a ten/Break a ten
    *Ten Frames

    Fact Families
    *Use number bonds to help see the relationship between addition and subtraction
    *Dominoes are a fun way to make fact families, number bonds, addition and subtraction sentences, etc.
    *Ten frames also help children see the relationship of adding and subtracting, missing addends, etc.

    If you have a deck of cards, you can play some fun games that help reinforce fact fluency and number sense.  "War" or "Top It" is an easy game to play, and you can make it a bit more challenging by putting down 2 cards at a time and adding or subtracting to see who has the biggest number!

    Two Digit Big Man uses a deck of cards too.  Each player puts down 2 cards and tries to make the biggest number.  The person with the highest number takes the cards.  (If you have a 5 and 8, you can make 58 or 85---you'd want 85 since it's larger!)

    Don't forget to head over to ThinkCentral.com for virtual manipulatives, fun games, tips, videos, and much more!  Use your child's Student ID to sign in.

    Get some flashcards if you can!  The students should know their facts in a "snap" -like sight words!!!
    (Addition and Subtraction to and from 10)