• How can you help your child become a better reader?

    Here are some reading strategies that we have been working on in class:

    *Use picture clues to figure out tricky words.

    *Say the beginning sound(s).

    *Look for word chunks (word families, sight words).

    *Skip the word and go back to it.

    *Does the word make sense?


    Your child should be reading independently for at least 15-20 minutes a day!

    You should still continue reading to your child.  This is so important!!  Your child will learn about reading with fluency and expression from you- so ham it up!!!

    Keep practicing those sight words!  We will have 125 by the end of first grade! 

    Some tips for helping with comprehension:

    *Read like your talking- not like a robot;)

    *Watch out for periods, question marks, and exclamation marks!  Slow down!

    * Reread and see if it makes sense.

    *Ask questions (How, why, when, where, etc)

    *Make predictions (What is this story going to be about?  What might happen next?)