• Sight Word Activities

    Please make sure that you are helping your child practice our sight words!  We will be getting 125 words in first grade so it is important to learn them as we go.  If you wait too long, it will become unmanageable!

    If your child can already read the sight words, (quickly--in a snap!) he/she should practice spelling them. 

    Some fun suggestions for practicing:

    *Sparkle (a game we play in class- good for both reading and spelling)


    *Find the Missing Word (have some words set out, child hides eyes, you remove one word, he/she tries to remember which one was there)

    *Beat the Clock (time your child as he/she goes through all of the words as quickly as possible- play again to see if he/she can beat that time)

    *Word Shapes -draw boxes that represent the size of the letters in the word (tall letters, short letters, letters that hang down)-- have your child try to figure out the word that could fit in the boxes

    *HeidiSongs.com is INCREDIBLE if your child likes to sing and is having trouble remembering the words.  There is a brief (15-30 seconds) song for many of the words we learn in Kindergarten and First Grade at CAS.  Check it out!!  I highly recommend it!