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    This website is the offical website of Madison Dodger Freshman Football. It will be updated periodically with important information. 
    Coach Carroll : carrollk@madisonnjps.org
    Coach Goodwin : goodwinm@madisonnjps.org

    "Motivation is simple. You eliminate those who are not motivated."  - Lou Holtz


    Welcome 2020 Freshman Football Dodgers!

    • *All athletes must have filled out a sign-up sheet with at least one valid email address. See link below for sheet.
    • **All Athletes must have an approved physical to practice/play freshman football. Please see link below. All physical forms should be turned into the school nurse. Questions should be directed to Diane Fastiggi, high school nurse, fastiggid@madisonnjps.org
    • **Equipment will be distributed Monday August 10th  beginning @ 9:00 AM.
    • *Impact Concussion Testing will take place Monday August 10th as well. All athletes will take Baseline Concussion Test*.
    • *Mandatory First Fundraising Mtg August 15th for all players, 12:00PM in MHS Gym. This Mtg will take approx 1 Hour  Today will end approx 1:00 for all Freshman.
    • ***All athletes must have a combination lock for their locker to secure their valuables.
    • **All athletes need a pencil/notebook for practice, to be stored in their locker.
      ****2019 Calendar Changes:
    • *Once school starts, we will practice everyday after school 3-5 and on Saturdays 9-11.
    • ***Any athlete who needs extra help after school is encouraged to seek that help.
    • **Optional Summer weight training for Freshman:
      The freshmen are able to lift and run every Monday thru Thursday starting on June 24th and ending on August 8th with the week of July 13th off.  The freshmen will start their workout at 9:00am on Mondays and Thursdays and at 8:00am on Tuesdays and Wednesdays.  Please remember to have sneakers everyday and bring cleats for Tuesdays and Wednesdays.
      End of Year Opportunity
      All freshman athletes will have the opportunity to continue practicing with the varsity team. This commitment means that the athlete will make all the practices and games that the Varsity has. The athlete cannot start practice for his winter sport until football ends if he chooses to continue. This is a wonderful opportunity for all freshman to take in the varsity football experience. All continuing freshman players will dress for the JV FB Game Monday November 4th and follow the Varsity football practice schedule for the duration of the time.  Any issues that arise after moving on with the varsity please contact Coach Sallie @ cjsallie@gmail.com. Do not contact Coach Kubik.                                                 
            • All freshman who do not continue must turn in their equipment after the game on Fri. Anything that is lost must be paid for through the athletic department.
      • Equipment that will be turned in 
        Shoulder Pads
        Practice Jersey
        White/Maroon game jersey
        Girdle (if not your own)
    • *1 Parent Volunteer to film our scrimmages and games. Film needs to be converted to DVD form. If more than 1 parent is needed, we will need a parent to coordinate the effort.
    • *3 parents to hold the chains for each home game
    Athlete Physical Information Go to link below and click on Athletic Physical Form
    2019 Frosh Game/Scrimmage Schedule



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