When I was your age, I was a student at Central Avenue. I am very excited to be back here now as a teacher.
    I have been teaching since 2000 and love meeting new 2Bers each year. 
    Spending the day with second graders is so much fun! 
    I live in Caldwell with my husband and daughter, Ellerie.
    The children will hear stories about all the special people. .. and pets in my life. 
    The Baron family is already looking forward to Christmas.
    To learn more about Mrs. Baron,
    read the interview below.
    Former students wrote these
    thought-provoking questions to find out more
    about their teacher.
    4A: How old were you when you first started teaching?
    Mrs. Baron: I started teaching in September of 2000, which means I was 22 years old.
    4A: When you were little, did you ever want to be anything other than a teacher?
    Mrs. Baron: I wanted to teach chimpanzees sign language. I thought it was the coolest thing ever! I had books, notebooks and research all about it.
    The prospect of doing that now though, makes me a bit nervous.
    4A: When you retire, what will you spend your time on?
    Mrs. Baron: That's a good question... Read, relax.. .
    I have always wanted to design furniture. I am not sure just yet. Something enjoyable and crafty.
    4A: As a child, did you chew pencils?
    Mrs. Baron: I don't recall it being a hobby of mine, but I remember hating to touch pencils in school that had random teeth marks on them. Not my teeth, of course!
    4A: What do you do in your free time?
    Mrs. Baron: Free time, what's that?
    Just kidding... cook, draw, read, clean the house. Work on this fantastical website.
    4A: We know you like animals, but we were wondering if you have any pets? If you do, what are their names?
    Mrs. Baron: I have a lug of a cat, named Jayden who I adore and a Crazy but cuddly dog, Tess, who LOVES to kiss.

    4A: Would you rather eat one thousand tons of mayonnaise or be in a whale's mouth?
    Mrs. Baron: ugggg... I love mayo, but a thousand tons. I don't think so. Easy ... the whale's mouth.
    4A:What is your favorite subject?
    Mrs. Baron: To teach, math. To learn, everything!
    4A: What is your favorite color?
    Mrs. Baron: Sorry, among the millions, like the rest...blue
    4A: What is your favorite brand of clothing?
    Mrs. Baron: Anything unique...Anthropologie is a fun store.
    4A: Did you ever have a job other than being a teacher?
    Mrs. Baron: Well, here's the list.... Cashier at Treasure Island and
    St. Hubert's Animal Gift Shop (which is now gone), nanny, camp counselor, telemarketer, substitute...
    4A: Do you like eggs? Explain why or why not?
    Mrs. Baron: Well, I know now that I taught you how to write questions. Why or why not? Funny, you guys.... Yes, I do like eggs - fried, scrambled, hard boiled, any which way really. Why? I like the taste!
    4A: What is your freakiest fear?
    Mrs. Baron: Elevators.. .I am getting better about it though.
    4A: Would you rather be stuck in your home or the school?
    Mrs. Baron: Definitely home, because of my little baby girl, Ellerie and lovable Jayden and Tess who keep me warm.
    4A: In the school, what one thing would you change?
    Mrs. Baron: Sorry, not more recess .. .
Last Modified on November 12, 2019