• When I was your age, I was a student at Central Avenue.
    I am very excited to be back here now as a teacher.
    To learn more about Mrs. Baron,
    read the interview below.
    Former students wrote these
    thought-provoking questions to find out more
    about their teacher.
    4A: How old were you when you first started teaching?
    Mrs. Baron: I started teaching in September of 2000, which means I was 22 years old.
    4A: When you were little, did you ever want to be anything other than a teacher?
    Mrs. Baron: I wanted to teach chimpanzees sign language. I thought it was the coolest thing ever! I had books, notebooks and research all about it.
    The prospect of doing that now though, makes me a bit nervous.
    4A: When you retire, what will you spend your time on?
    Mrs. Baron: That's a good question... Read, relax.. .
    I have always wanted to design furniture. I am not sure just yet. Something enjoyable and crafty.
    4A: As a child, did you chew pencils?
    Mrs. Baron: I don't recall it being a hobby of mine, but I remember hating to touch pencils in school that had random teeth marks on them. Not my teeth, of course!
    4A: What do you do in your free time?
    Mrs. Baron: Free time, what's that?
    Just kidding... cook, draw, read, clean my apartment. Work on this fantastical website.
    4A: We know you like animals, but we were wondering if you have any pets? If you do, what are their names?
    Mrs. Baron: I have a lug of a cat, named Jayden who I adore and a Crazy but cuddly dog, Tess, who LOVES to kiss.

    4A: Would you rather eat one thousand tons of mayonnaise or be in a whale's mouth?
    Mrs. Baron: ugggg... I love mayo, but a thousand tons. I don't think so. Easy ... the whale's mouth.
    4A:What is your favorite subject?
    Mrs. Baron: To teach, math. To learn, everything!
    4A: What is your favorite color?
    Mrs. Baron: Sorry, among the millions, like the rest...blue
    4A: What is your favorite brand of clothing?
    Mrs. Baron: Anything unique...Anthropologie is a fun store.
    4A: Did you ever have a job other than being a teacher?
    Mrs. Baron: Well, here's the list.... Cashier at Treasure Island and
    St. Hubert's Animal Gift Shop (which is now gone), nanny, camp counselor, telemarketer, substitute...
    4A: Do you like eggs? Explain why or why not?
    Mrs. Baron: Well, I know now that I taught you how to write questions. Why or why not? Funny, you guys.... Yes, I do like eggs - fried, scrambled, hard boiled, any which way really. Why? I like the taste!
    4A: What is your freakiest fear?
    Mrs. Baron: Elevators.. .I am getting better about it though.
    4A: Would you rather be stuck in your home or the school?
    Mrs. Baron: Definitely home, only because the food and my lovable Jayden and Tess who keep me warm.
    4A: In the school, what one thing would you change?
    Mrs. Baron: Sorry, not more recess .. .
Last Modified on February 10, 2017