• Answers to Important Questions/Concerns

    1. My child may need speech-language services but I'm not sure if it is developmental or a speech-language disorder.
     Please contact me by a brief note with your contact numbers and best times to reach you.  I would be happy to meet informally with you and your child so your child's needs can be accurately identified.  
    2. Who can refer a student for speech services ?
        A student can be referred for speech services by either a parent or the classroom teacher or both. After I receive a referral, I would contact the parent to arrange a meeting to discuss the student's current level of speech-language skills.
    3. Does a student have to be classified to receive school based speech-language services ?
        The answer is yes in accordance with NJ State Department of Education rules and regulations. There are two classifications - Eligible for Special Education Services(ESES) and Eligible for Speech-Language Services(ESLS).  Students classified ESES receive school based S/L services as a related serivce. Students classified ESLS receive school based S/L services as per their individual classification as having a disorder in articulation, fluency or voice.
    4. Who is the Speech Therapist for Central Avenue School for 2009-2010 ?
    This school year, I am a speech therapist for Central Avenue School and Madison Junior School. My name is Marie McGuire and I have been with Madison Public Schools for the last 20 years. In the past, I have also been the speech therapist for Madison High School. My qualifications/credentials are as follows:
     Parent of three children
     M.A. Speech Pathology and Audiology   New York University
     NJ State License          Speech Pathology
     NJ State Certification   Speech-Language Specialist
                                             Teacher of the Handicapped
                                             Teacher of the Deaf and Hard of Hearing
     American Speech and Hearing Association-  Certificate of Clinical Competence



Last Modified on April 20, 2010