October Newsletter


    Please make sure your child is practicing their sight words regularly. If they are able to recognize most of their sight words, encourage them to try spelling them correctly.  You can use creative ways like pasta writing, rainbow words, writing in pen or maker, ect.



    2nd Grade Words 

    *The RED words are words that need to be memorized by sight because they can not be sounded out properly. 

    Week 1: things, school, walk, always, great

    Week 2: find, until, last, high, easy

    Week 3: next, pretty, move, idea, soon,

    Week 4: often, such, best, think, family

    Week 5: never, house, wait, same, ask

    Week 6: again, each, begin, goes, together

    Week 7: does, friend, enough, should, you're

    Week 8: through, ready, might, suddenly, special

    Week 9: beautiful, couldn't either, thought, they're

    Week 10: while, themselves, without, probably, yourself

    Week 11: near, everything, wouldn't, need, kind

    Week 12: different, myself, everyone,few, being

    Week 13: really, understand, question, against, old, 

    Week 14: happen, several, someone, slowly, follow

    Week 15: better, since, answer, plan, wanted


    Writing Workshop

    We are beginning our unit on Small Moment stories. We will focus on zooming in on one event and stretching it across pages to add detail, thoughts, and feelings. Students have brainstormed a list of people, places, and things that are important to them that they are excited to write about!



     This month our Reader’s Workshop Study will be about overcoming challenges in reading and effectively using print strategies. Readers will continue to build stamina and post-it to track their thoughts while reading. They should also be reading for about 20 minutes a night.



    We are finishing up our unit on Place Value. Our next chapter will focus on Addition up to 1,000. We will be practicing the process of regrouping, using base ten blocks, and then move to place value charts. It is a good idea to practice math addition facts at home!




    Our Materials and Their Uses-We are exploring materials and what they are made of.  Through various hands on activites we are discussing how we would classify them. 




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