• Room Parents 2018-19 Responsibilities


    The role of room parents is to enrich our children's classroom experiences and communicate PTO information to all families in the class.  There are numerous opportunities to be involved in the classroom and we encourage you to seek other parent volunteers to help you, as needed. 

    SOLICIT PARENT VOLUNTEERS:  It is helpful to solicit parent volunteers for events early in the year, if possible.  That way, you will have a list as a starting point as events approach.  You can ask for volunteers in an introductory email or by introducing yourself and posting a volunteer sheet at Back to School Night on Thursday, September 24th. Volunteers are needed for the Halloween Party, the Valentine’s Day Party, and for Awesome Art.

    CLASS COFFEES: At the beginning of the school year, we suggest that each grade host a Class Coffee. This is a great opportunity to meet new parents and see old friends. It is also a good time to discuss issues and solicit volunteers – make sure to bring your volunteer sheet!  This is also a good time to collect CLASS DUES. (See below.) The Coffee is often held as a grade-wide event, usually at someone's house.  When you have selected a date, please email the details to the Room Parent Coordinator, as the PTO likes to have a representative at each coffee.  Questions regarding reimbursement for class coffees should be directed to the Room Parent Coordinator and PTO Presidents.

    CLASS DUES: Class dues are absolutely not mandatory.   You can approach class finances for teacher gifts and a jamboree basket by collecting a suggested amount of money in a one-time payment (collected at the beginning of the year) or you can ask for donations as each event approaches.  Please budget your money and plan for the following:  holiday gift, teacher appreciation gift, possibly a birthday/baby shower gift, an end-of-the-year gift and the class Jamboree basket.  Class parents should not be contributing more than their share. 

    TEACHER GIFTS – Teacher gifts are optional and up to the class parents.  Typically gifts are given for the holiday break and at the end of the school year.  If you have enough funds gifts are also given at teacher birthdays (token gift such as flowers) and for teacher appreciation week (May 2- 6, 2016.) Keep in mind that in addition to the homeroom teacher there may be other teachers/aides you may want to remember during the holiday and end of the school year for gifts. 

    CLASS PARTIES:  At TJS, there are two parties celebrated school-wide: Halloween and Valentine's Day.  Teacher preferences vary regarding the degree of parent participation and assistance needed.  Discuss parties with your teachers in advance.  Parties typically consist of a snack and a craft or game.  TJS has a very strict policy on food items allowed in the classroom for these events.  Please run all food choices by Mrs. Colette Crescas (School Nurse) well in advance of the celebration.  Any food that is served as part of the celebration must be prepackaged, peanut/nut free, and consumed in the classroom. No food/goody bags are permitted. Peanut butter or tree nut products cannot be used in any craft project regardless of whether an allergy child is in your class.  The PTO can reimburse each class up to $50 total for the year.  Room Parents should keep their receipts and submit for reimbursement.


    Awesome art will now be held once a year.  Room Parents are asked to arrange for 3 (maximum) parent volunteers per class section.  More than three parents can create a crowded and chaotic classroom on presentation day. 

    Awesome Art will be as follows:

    Kindergarten – October

    1st grade – November

    2nd grade – December

    3rd grade – January

    4th grade – February

    5th grade – March

    Questions regarding Awesome Art, including specific date/ time/artist, can be directed to Kris Kelly and Leslie Metzler.

    PHOTOGRAPHS: In order to create a 5th grade memory/yearbook, we would like each room parent at every grade level to take a few photos. Take pictures at Kindergarten Graduation, Halloween Parade, Mother’s Day Tea, etc.  Please hang on to these photos until your child is in 5th grade.

    JAMBOREE: This is our annual fundraiser organized by the PTO. Room parents are responsible for organizing a class basket for the raffle held at this event.  These baskets are usually in the $60-$100 range so be sure to budget for the basket when collecting class dues or be prepared to solicit specific donations from parents in the spring.  Each class will be assigned a theme for their basket by the raffle coordinator.

    MEMORIALS:  On occasion, we are faced with the death of a student or the parent of a student. The PTO may call on room parents in the affected grade to raise money for a memorial.  Room parents may also communicate information on the situation to raise sensitivity and awareness.

    NEW STUDENT: If a new student should join your class at any time during the year, the office will inform you. Please contact the new family to introduce yourself as a room parent and offer help regarding their transition into the class, answer questions, confirm email address, etc.

    Thank you for volunteering your time!  Please contact me with any questions.   

    Donna Weller

    Room Parent Coordinator 2018-19