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       CAS/TJS Band FAQs
      How do I sign up for band?
      Download the instrumental music registration form, complete it with your parents, and return it to Ms. Adkins. Registrations for upcoming fourth graders take place in the spring after the instrument demonstration assembly.  Fourth and fifth graders can also register in September.  Please contact me directly at adkinsa@madisonnjps.org if your child is interested in band. 
      Who is in band?
      Any student in fourth or fifth grade may take lessons during the school day. However, the TJS and CAS Concert Bands include only second- year players.  Fourth grade students who were enrolled in Summer Music are also eligible to participate.  Fourth graders may also participate in band if they have studied an instrument for at least one year outside of school.
      When does band rehearse?
      TJS Concert Band  meets Tuesdays in the Music Room.  CAS Band rehearses Wednesdays on the stage.  Band rehearsals run from 7:55-8:35 a.m..  The first reherasal at TJS will be Tuesday, September 27 and the for CAS, Wednesday, September 28.  Please arrive by 7:50 a.m. for set-up and warm-up time.  Beginning students will join the band in the spring; schedules will be posted and sent home early 2017. 
      What do we DO in band?
      We learn many kinds of music from all over the world, how to work together and accomplish our goals as a team, and how to become better musicians and performers.  In addition to preparing for and playing in concerts, we also will be composing our own music, studying music of other cultures and time periods, singing, and participating in other musical adventures.
      How often should I be practicing my instrument?
      Practicing at home is an essential part of our instrumental music program, and becoming proficient and confident playing your instrument.  Practicing is like your homework for band and lessons and it is part of your grade, but it can and should be FUN!   It should be done in a quiet place, where you are not likely to be disturbed by younger siblings, pets, or distracted by television.  Try to choose  the same time every time you practice; ask your parents to help find a time and place for you if you are having trouble with this.  Beginners should be practicing a MINIMUM of 60 minutes per week, over four days and fifth grade students 90 minutes.  You can always practice more than the minimum.  
      Can I play two instruments?
      Learning an instrument requires dedication and time.  Unless you have taken private lessons on another instrument outside of school, we do not allow students to take lessons on two instruments during the school. 
      Can I be in band AND chorus?
      Yes!  Band and chorus meet on separate days, both before school.  The TJS and CAS music staff encourage you to be actively involved in all kinds of musical learning, and would enjoy having as many students as possible in their groups.