Mission Statement
    Mark DeBiasse
    Supervisor of Humanities
          Welcome! Mark DeBiasse is the Supervisor of Humanities for the Madison Public Schools. He came to Madison in 2004 after teaching social studies at Columbia High School in South Orange-Maplewood for 12 years. His journey in Madison began as History Department Chairperson, a position he held until 2012 when a restructuring led to a consolidation of the Language Arts and History departments and he was hired to lead the new Humanities program for grades 6-12. Mark is a graduate of Bucknell University (BA), The George Washington University (MA) and Drew University (D.Litt.), where he completed his dissertation on politics in the early American republic. Mark was awarded a Dodge Fellowship via the alternate route certification program and a Fulbright Exchange scholarship to the United Kingdom in 1998-1999. Mark is certified to teach secondary social studies and psychology and holds administrative certification for both instructional supervision and principal (CE) in New Jersey. Mark is a third generation Madisonian who enjoys hiking, music, golf, history and travel.
         Throughout his career as a teacher and administrator, Mark has developed and promoted experiential learning as a means of engaging students in rich and relevant study of the humanities. Each of these projects has served to heighten student interest and advance the knowledge of the entire community through the application of innovative, often award winning pedagogy. In addition, each project has drawn upon the collaborative energies of a vast array of local resources and expertise to increase the quality of student projects and make obvious the connection between school and potentially rewarding careers. For example, Mark's students have partnered with a local television news producer and "Youth Radio" to write and produce broadcast shorts that were featured on National Public Radio. Another group of students created a museum within a vacant classroom to stage an exhibit on a 1910 fire in a Newark sweatshop that preceded the infamous Triangle Shirtwaist Factory conflagration, an event which energized a wave of progressive era workplace safety reforms. Another group of Madison students conducted research and produced a documentary video on a Revolutionary War era home and blacksmith enterprise which has become part of the elementary social studies curriculum. Building upon this effort, subsequent students worked along side professional archaeologists and historic preservationist to collect artifacts and unearth the foundation of what is believed to be the original forge building on the site. To further explore these and many other unique "hands on history" projects, just click on the embedded link.
          Mark is always receptive to parent contact and is easily reached via my school email at debiassem@madisonnjps.org or on office telephone (with voicemail option) at (973) 593-3117 X3134.  Please feel free to contact him with any concerns or questions.  Students seeking assistance can often find Dr. DeBiasse in the Humanities Office (E-33).  However, he is often observing classes, at meetings, at one of the other school buildings or out in the community, therefore, making an appointment is always a good idea.
         Thank you for visiting and feel free to write or call with questions about the program!
     For more information, you can also visit the Humanities Department website.