• i Materiali Scolastici
    (Supplies for Italian Class)
    It is important that you come to class each day prepared with all your materials!  Please make sure to always bring:
    • A binder for Italian Class.  This binder should contain:
      • A clip-in pencil case to hold blank index cards,  pen/pencil and dry erase markers (at least one, for desk activities on student white boards)
      • Table of Contents (il Sommario), kept up to date
      • Signed "Success Packet for your Italian Class"
      • 5 section dividers, labeled and containing all handouts and classnotes for:
        • Subject titles slightly different by grade, will be on Sommario
      • pocket/folder with returned quizzes
      • pocket for tests to be signed and returned
    Click HERE to see binder check rubric (this rubric will be used once per marking period to check binder)