• La Tastiera Italiana
    The Italian Keyboard (Typing in Italian)
    Speed Typing  
    This will be how fast you can type your Italian homework! :)
    In Italian, accent marks are used to show when certain vowel sounds are used or where emphasis goes on a word.  Sometimes, the accent mark makes the difference in spelling between two completely different words!
     e = and                
     da = from
     è = is dà = he/she gives
    When you are typing, it is necessary to include accent marks where they belong!  Here are some keyboard and typing tips so you can include them in your writing:
    1. You can copy and paste these common accented letters into your text:

       È, è, é

    2. There are many ways to access accented letters on a Chromebook: please see this document, which contains details about my top three recommendations!
    3. On a Windows computer with a full keyboard (this may not work on a laptop!), you can use keyboard shortcuts.  Hold down the ALT key and use the number pad to type the code below.  Then, let go of the ALT key. (For more information, click here).
       àALT+ 0204
       ÈALT+ 0200
       èALT+ 0232
       éALT+ 0233
       ìALT+ 0236
       òALT+ 0242
       ùALT+ 0249
      You can also use the file menu and go to Insert > Symbol.
    4. On a Mac, the quickest way to type the downward facing accent mark is to hold down the option key on the keyboard and press the accent mark key (it's right under the escape key).  Let go of these keys.  Then, press the vowel you would like to be accented. 
      To get the upward facing accent mark like in perché, hold down the option key and press the letter e on the keyboard.  Let go of these keys.  Then, press the letter e key one more time.
      For more information on typing accent marks on a Mac, click here.

    If these keyboard tricks are not working on the computer you're using, it is also acceptable to press the accent key "`" next to the letter that should be accented.  For example,  "Lui e` mio fratello."