• Math 7 Course Reference Sheet
    Miss Anna Hatziemanuel
    (973) 593-3149
    Room 205 – Team 7B


    Course Summary: This course reinforces and builds upon mathematical skills taught in previous classes with additional advanced computation, including an emphasis on algebraic concepts. The course content follows the Core Curriculum Content Standards for 7th grade with some 8th grade concepts added for students in the accelerated level. Students will study fractions, decimals, percents, positive and negative integers and rational numbers. They become more proficient in using ratios, proportions and solving algebraic equations. Students will develop and expand problem solving skills (creatively and analytically) in order to solve real world problems.

    Grading:  Students will be graded using a point system.  A student's average will be determined by calculating the ratio of points earned to total number of points assigned.
    Homework – Daily homework assignments will have several components and will be worth 2-4 points per night. Students will earn two points for completed notes and up to two points for practice problems. For the practice problems, students will score a 2 if they score > 60%, a 1 if they score 59%-1%, and a 0 for 0% or if homework was not completed. There will be 3-4 homework assignments per week. No late homework will be accepted.
    Math Maintenance (M&M) – M&M’s will be assigned weekly and are a way for students to review material that has been learned in the past. M&M’s will be assigned on Monday and due on Friday by 6:00 AM. Each M&M is worth 10 points. M&M’s will be graded based on accuracy as opposed to completion. Late M&M’s will be accepted by the following Monday, but only for half credit. Students are responsible for asking their teacher to reopen the assignment by 3:15 on Friday.
    Quizzes – Quiz opportunities are given on an as needed basis to assess understanding of small sections of a unit. Quizzes will range from 25-50 points depending on the nature of the quiz. There will be approximately 4-6 quizzes per marking period. Quizzes will be sent home to get signed and should be returned.
    Tests – The purpose of testing is to assess the comprehension and working knowledge of the student as it pertains to the curriculum. Tests will follow each unit of study. Tests will be approximately 100 points each. There will be 2-3 per marking period. Unit tests will be sent home to get signed and should be returned.
    Projects – We will create several projects this year to give us the opportunity to dive deeper into the material beyond the sole use of the text. The number of points will be determined by the depth and length of the assignment. Rubrics will be provided to help students be successful.
    Extra Help: We are available for extra help every day after school until 3:15.
    Re-Take Policy: Students can retake one test per quarter if the unit study guide is completed, checked, corrected and turned in prior to the test. After a retake date has been established, students must obtain the retake form from their teachers. Students will need to correct their original assessment after identifying specific topics of difficulty, relearning the material with the aide of their teacher and supplemental videos and completing additional practice. A student’s new test score will replace their original score.