• Cecala                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                Sep. 2014

    Current Affairs and Debate


    Debate Rules


    1. Be Prepared: have your notes and anything else you may need with you and on your desk. Have a few sheets of paper to jot down any notes you feel necessary as your opponent is speaking.
    2. Be Respectful: No one is a pro at this and at times people may slip up, loose their place, etc. Do not mock your opponent. Treat your opponent with the same respect you hope to receive.
    3. Keep your Cool: At times you may grow frustrated with your opponent, refrain from calling names or shouting out. The second you have lost your composure, you have lost the debate. Take a deep breath and work on a strong response.
    4. Wait your turn: Do not call out while your opponent or a teammate is speaking. 
    5. Be Professional: This is a graded assignment; this is not the time to go for the cheap laughs. Humor can be an effective debate tool if used subtlety and at the opportune times. Try to refrain from being the slapstick comedian or making a spectacle of yourself or your team.
    6. Do your best and have fun!