• Honors Biology Course Expectation Sheet 2019 - 2020

    Instructor:  Mrs. Monkemeier
    Phone: 973 593 3117  (Please use email as first contact)
    E-Mail: monkemeiers@madisonnjps.org
    Webpage: http://madisonpublicschools.org/Domain/231
    Office Location: Prep Room Between D21/D23
    Extra Help/ Tutorial Before School by Appointment, After school Tuesday – Friday until 3:05 pm or by appointment.


    I.                    Course Description

    This course is laboratory based with an emphasis on students being able to construct and conduct scientific investigations to determine relationships between variables.  There is also a focus on students being able to construct scientific arguments from gathered evidence.  

    Biology is designed to encourage students to increase their understanding of concepts and topics within the realm of biology. Units of instruction include Interdependent Relationships in Ecosystems, Matter and Energy Transformations in Ecosystems, Cell Specialization and Homeostasis, DNA and Inheritance, Natural Selection, Evolution, Human Activity and Climate, and Human Activity and Biodiversity. The process of scientific inquiry and the integration of concepts within life experiences are stressed throughout the course.

    Students will gain the knowledge through their experiences in biology to understand topics relevant to their life as well as within the news media. They will learn to use evidence to make educated decisions helping them to maintain healthy lifestyles and to become better citizens.  

    The course is centered around the Next Generation Science Standards.  Students will engage in science and engineering practices in order to understand conceptual progression which is scaffolded from the disciplinary core ideas.  Students will make connections to prior learning through the infusion of cross cutting concepts that demonstrate the connections between scientific disciplines.  Students will demonstrate their mastery of the content through assessment activities that are based on the NGSS performance expectation statements.

    Classes meet for 4 hours per cycle.  Each cycle consists of two 1-hour classes and one 2-hour class.   

    II. Course Proficiencies / Goals

    • Engage students in a learning process that puts inquiry at the center of instruction.
    • Explore the biological relationships between living systems and their environment.
    • Create an understanding of how the principles of biology relate to student’s health and well- being.
    • Provide an understanding of how biology integrates into and adds to the understanding of other scientific disciplines.
    • Expand students’ scientific literacy with a focus in the content area of biology.
    • Develop and apply critical thinking skills to evaluate, predict, and explain natural phenomena, data, and claims.
    • Expand students’ ability to design and conduct scientific investigations.
    • Expand students’ ability to construct scientific arguments from appropriate evidence.

    III.                Required Text & Materials

    • Textbook: Reece, Jane B., et al. AP Edition, Campbell Biology, 10th Edition. Boston: Pearson Education, Inc. 2014
    • Three Ring Binder, lined paper, three dividers: Handouts, Reading Notes, Class notes
    • Lab Notebook: Composition Notebook
    • Post-its
    • Bring 2 different colored pens, pencil to class
    • Scientific Calculator

    IV.                Classroom Expectations

    • Prepare ahead for class by checking Google Classroom for homework, reading assignments, upcoming labs, projects, etc.  every night.
    • Arrive on time with a positive attitude and be an active participant in our learning community.
    • Place your cell phone in the numbered pocket by the door and take it back when you leave.
    • Stay on task at all times – especially when utilizing technology such as chromebooks in the classroom.  Chromebooks will be accessible, utilized, and part of our classroom experience at the direction of Mrs. Monkemeier.  Do not have them open or being used without her permission.
    • Listen respectfully to others during class and during group work.
    • Review your class notes, handouts and related reading after class every day.
    • Notify Mrs. Monkemeier right away if you start to struggle or if you have difficulty on an assignment, lab, etc.  Come in for extra help in advance of assessments and tests.
    • Take responsibility when you are absent. Check Google Classroom, ask classmates for notes, and see Mrs. Monkemeier for work or activities missed while you were absent.
    • You do not need to bring your text book to class every day. Please cover your text book to protect it.
    • Bring your three ring binder and supplies to class every day.
    • Your lab notebook will remain in the classroom when you are not actively working on the lab write up.

    V.                        Grading Policy – Category Weights

    • 50% Tests/ Quizzes/ Assessments                                
    • 25% Labs/Lab Quizzes          
    • 25% Homework, Reading notes, Classwork, Do Now, Ticket Out

    Extra credit is offered on Tests/Quizzes as a separate section.  It is also available on a limited basis on specified homework, classwork, Do Now, or Ticket Out.  During class discussions potential Extra Credit Options on upcoming Tests/Quizzes are provided, discussed and labeled as Golden Nuggets.

    VI. Late Work & Make-up Policy

    • Late assignments will be accepted; however, students will not receive full credit on the assignment if graded assignments have already been handed back in any of the four Honors Biology classes. 10% of the grade will be deducted for each day the assignment is past due.
    • Please make every attempt to hand in assignments on time.  If you are absent or not in class, please hand in the assignment the day that you return to class.  If you are experiencing special circumstances which render you unable to hand in a specific assignment, lab, etc. on time, please see Mrs. Monkemeier to discuss the issue(s) with her directly.  Every effort will be made to help you succeed in Honors Biology; however, deadlines exist for your benefit as well as for the benefit of our learning community.
    • Tests/Quizzes/Lab Quizzes will be announced in advance.  Please make every effort to be in class on those specified dates.  If you are absent on a Test/Quiz/Lab Quiz day, you will be taking the Test/Quiz/Lab Quiz on the day that you return to class.  Special circumstances should be discussed with Mrs. Monkemeier in advance or when you return to school.

    VII. Class Participation

    Honors Biology is a learning community which depends upon each individual actively engaged and participating.  Students should arrive to class on time with their homework, reading and reading notes complete.  Upon arrival to class students should place their cell phone in the numbered pouch in the front of the room and take any handouts from the front of the room before finding their seat. 

    Students should read the front screen for announcements, question of the day, activity, etc. while the class waits for the bell to ring.

    VIII. Major Assignments

    • Students taking Honors Biology are exposed to a wide range of reading materials as well as their textbook.  Students are required to take reading notes on the Cornell Reading Notes Template which can be downloaded from Mrs. Monkemeier’s website, provided in Google Classroom or handed out in class.  Reading notes will be assigned for specific passages, chapters, etc. with due dates announced in advance.
    • There will be approximately one lab per four-day cycle.  Assignments related to Design and Execution of Labs and Lab Quizzes = 25% of overall grade.
    • Lab Quizzes will be announced in advance.
    • Tests/Quiz Date(s) will be announced in advance.
    • Homework: Homework will be assigned in class and then posted in Google Classroom.  Homework will include but will not be limited to the following: Reading, reading notes, assignments, design and execution of experiments, problem solving, etc. 

    IX.                Teacher Availability

    Mrs. Monkemeier is available before school by appointment.  After school availability is Tuesday- Friday until 3:05 pm.  Students requiring additional time(s) can schedule appointment.  Every effort will be made to accommodate students for extra help.