• Mission of the MDBC

    The mission of the Marching Dodgers Booster Club [MDBC] is to support the students, directors and families of the Marching Dodgers Band in their goal to achieve the highest standards of music education and music performance; facilitate the musical enrichment of the student membership of Madison High School; promote the place and value of music in our community and the significant role music plays in the cultural, intellectual, and social lives of our children; and foster fellowship and goodwill among its members and provide its membership with opportunities for personal growth and leadership.

    Why A Band Booster Club?

    To generate extra funds for band programs, supplies, and equipment not provided for in the MHS budget. As a nonprofit 501c3 organization the MDBC will tap into the grants and foundations that exist specifically for the enrichment of music through band organizations.

    What Is In It For the Marching Band Student and parent?

    MDBC helps fill the void created by recent budget cuts. Your support directly supports your local marching band. MDBC funds help provide for band equipment, awards and entry fees, water and refreshments for the students, year end awards and banquet, and clinics to broaden your child’s band experience. Now is the time for all parents to get involved: to improve our children’s music programs today, and plan for the music programs of tomorrow.

    How Does This Booster Club Fit In the existing Environment of Clubs ? 

    MDBC works hand in hand with the existing organizations to eliminated duplication of efforts and work as a team to support the enrichment of the students.  MDBC will have liaisons at MHS PTSO, MMA and MEF meetings to share events upcoming and report on activities the marching band participates in. The depth of the needs of the marching band with relation to time and talent in volunteers is vast and the MDBC works diligently to involve a new segment of volunteers consisting of marching band parents and community marching band alumni who have reached out during the bands events.