Amended December 2, 2014


    The name of this association is the Marching Dodgers Booster Club (MDBC). The organization operates as a non-profit, tax-exempt organization in accordance with Section 501(c) (3) of the Internal Revenue Code.


    The Marching Dodgers Booster Club is organized exclusively for the purpose of promoting and supporting Madison marching bands, their students and instructional staff. The MDBC is responsible for the promotion of the aforementioned programs within the school and throughout the community and conducting fundraising activities to provide financial support for the program. The objectives of the organization are to:

    Section 1: Promote the unification of the various band participants: Students, Directors, Instructional Staff, along with the band parents through closer contact and cooperation.

    Section 2: Stimulate and sustain the awareness, enthusiasm, interest, respect and cooperation of the Madison High School faculty and student body, along with the community at large, in the marching band program.

    Section 3: Provide volunteer support for marching band performances.

    Section 4: Raise funds to support the marching bands and marching band programs under the leadership of the Band Director(s) and instructional staff.


    Section 1: The registered office address of the MDBC shall be Madison High School 170 Ridgedale Avenue, Madison, New Jersey 07940. The MDBC may have any number of offices at such places as the Executive Board may determine.


    Section 1: The Marching Dodgers Booster Club membership is open to all persons subscribing to the purposes of the MDBC. MDBC membership is granted upon receipt of a current membership form and contribution at one of the following levels:

    · Concert Club - $10
    · Bass & Treble Club - $25
    · Percussion Club - $50
    · Director’s Club - $100
    · Patron Club - $250
    · Benefactor - $500
    · Crescendo - $1000 or more
    · Disbursement of funds
    · Coordination of volunteer support for performances and competitions
    · Purchase and maintenance of equipment and supplies
    · General member relations
    · Promotion and publicity within the school and community
    · Website
    · Press Releases
    · Show Programs
    · Posters
    · Brochures
    · Official Photographer
    · Official Video Photographer

    Section 2: The general membership of the Marching Dodgers Booster is encouraged to take steps to ensure the present and future well-being of the organization and the marching band by bringing initiatives and concerns to the attention of the Executive Board so they can be addressed.

    Section 3: The students of the Marching Dodgers Band are honorary members of this organization and all welcome at all meetings.


    The officers of the Marching Dodgers Booster Club shall be the President, Co-Vice Presidents, Recording Secretary, Corresponding Secretary and Treasurer. The officers shall be elected/reconfirmed annually by the general membership and shall serve for a term of no less than 1 year with a maximum term of three years.

    Section 1: The President shall set and preside at all meetings, both the general and Executive Board of this organization and shall be an ex-officio member of all committees. The President shall serve as the primary liaison between the Band Director(s) and instructors, the booster organization, the school administration, student body and the community at large. The President is responsible for ensuring that all tasks or duties assigned to and undertaken by the booster organization are completed.

    Section 2: The Treasurer shall maintain the bookkeeping duties and responsibilities of the booster organization including but not limited to the member statements, fees collection, funds distribution, monthly reports and annual tax preparation. The Treasurer shall present a detailed status report of the general fund at each Executive Board and general booster meeting including but not limited to a schedule of assets, commitments, inflow and disbursements since the last report.

    Section 3: The Co- Vice Presidents shall assist, advise, and consult with the President and shall assume all of the duties of the President in his or her absence. The Co-Vice President is also responsible for coordinating and managing any special projects assigned by the Executive Board.

    Section 4: The Recording Secretary shall keep a correct record of all booster meetings; which will include members in attendance; topics of discussion, decisions made at the meeting, tasks assigned, open items and shall report this information at subsequent meetings. If the Recording Secretary is unable to attend an Executive Board or general booster meeting, he or she shall make arrangements in advance for another organization member to handle the Recording Secretary duties and responsibilities for that meeting.

    Section 5: The Corresponding Secretary will collect and maintain a directory of the MDBC members, all interested parties and all marching band members. These directories will be tailored to the various groups and will include but are not be limited to addresses, emails, phone numbers, sizes of band members etc. The collection and administration of student band member roster will observe the Madison school districts privacy and confidentiality policies. The Corresponding secretary shall create and mail correspondences as needed and shall perform other duties that may be delegated to the office.

    Section 6: It is the duty of all officers to attend all Executive Board and general booster membership meetings. Failure to attend 3 consecutive meetings without prior notification to the President may result in their removal from office, pending an Executive Board decision.


    Section 1: The general booster membership meetings of this organization shall be held four or more times each year as scheduled by the President.

    Section 2: Any member of the booster organization may attend the Executive Board meetings.

    Section 3: It is the responsibility of the President to set the time, location and agenda of the Executive Board and general booster meetings and to notify the membership of these items through the use of the MDBC newsletter, website or other means no later 21 days prior to a general meeting and 3 days before an executive meeting.


    Section 1: The Executive Board shall consist of the six officers of the organization, the committee chairpersons, the Band Director(s), and the past President of the organization (if available).

    Section 2: The Executive Board shall have general supervision of the affairs of the booster organization, including but not limited to:

    · Fundraising activities

    Section 3: A quorum for doing Executive Board business shall be a majority of the board members. If a member of the Executive Board is unable to attend a meeting, their vote can be cast by proxy,

    Section 4: The Executive Board shall meet when determined by the President, but shall meet no less than twice a year.

    Section 5: Voting is limited to the six officers of the organization with recommendations from each committee chair. If a quorum cannot be reached by the six officers, Trustee(s) present can opine and cast the determining vote to reach a majority. If a majority vote is not achieved the topic will be tabled until the next general meeting and addressed to all members for additional comments.


    Section 1: A nominating committee of two Executive Board members and three general booster members shall be appointed by the President at the general booster membership meeting by October 31 of the club’s fiscal year close. The President shall act as chairman of the nominating committee, but will have no vote.

    Section 2: Nominations may be made from the floor after the report from the nominating committee at the last general booster meeting of the year. Nominations may also be made in writing to the President, if the person making the nomination is unable to be present at the general booster meeting.

    Section 3: Officers will be elected by ballot at the last general booster meeting of the year and at other times as vacancies demand an election. Elected officers will assume their duties on January 1st of the next calendar year or at the close of the meeting at which they are elected should a mid-year election be necessary.

    Section 4: Any Elected officer’s position that becomes vacant shall be filled by appointment of the Executive Board for the interim of the term until a special election is held at the next meeting or for the remainder of that fiscal year if an election cannot executed, except for the President’s office, which shall be filled by one of the Vice Presidents.


    Section 1: Any monies raised by the Marching Dodgers Booster Club shall be held in a separate account and shall be used to fund programs and activities in support of the marching band.

    Section 2: The booster organization financial records will be available upon request for review by any member of the MDBC.

    Section 3: Monies raised by, for, or in the name of the marching band under the boosters’ sponsorship, become the property of the organization.

    Section 4: The Band Director(s) will recommend an annual fundraising target for the marching band and band programs and will submit that recommendation prior to the end of each fiscal year.

    Section 5: An annual budget will be presented at the first general meeting of the fiscal year and voted on for approval.

    Section 6: The Treasurer shall maintain a detailed monthly summary of financial position and make available to the Executive Board

    Section 7: The Executive Board may authorize by consensus so that any Director may enter into a contract in collaboration and with the guidance of the Madison High School Activities official on behalf of the MDBC. All contracts must be verified by the Treasurer prior to commitment for payment.

    Section 8: The Executive Board may accept on behalf of the MDBC any contribution, gift, donation, or bequest for the general purpose or for any special purpose of the MDBC.

    Section 9: Expenses not approved in the annual budget greater than $500 must be pre-approved by at least three members of Executive Board.

    Section 10: A balance of no less than $500 will be maintained in the booster account at all times.

    Section 11: Third Party independent audits shall be done after the completion of the any treasurer term or as required by law under IRS or NJ tax requirements.  This inspection of MDBC financial records may be completed via an accounting compilation, review or audit.”


    Committees are made up of a committee chair (part of the executive board) plus at least one other committee member. Committee chairs are responsible for recruiting members to their committees. It is strongly advised that there be no Committees of one. Each committee will provide in writing a report of the committee activities which will become part of the meeting’s minutes. The Executive Board may recommend and create or abolish standing committees which may include but are not limited to:

    Section 1: Volunteer – responsible for recruiting volunteers for field shows, parades, competitions, fundraising events and other band-related activities (2+ committee members)

    Section 2: Uniform – responsible for working with instructors and staff to make uniform and flag concepts a reality, also measuring, fitting, and cleaning (2+ committee members)

    Section 3: Equipment /Pit Crew – responsible for servicing, updating, and cleaning band trailers and other nonmusical equipment. Organizing and ensuring a pit crew will be in place for all required events.

    Section 4: Communications / Public Relations – responsible for coordinating and implementing promotional programs and activities, including the production and distribution of newsletters and press releases; acting as liaison with media outlets; and development and maintenance of any MDBC website (3+ members)

    · Newsletter

    Section 5: Fundraising – responsible for identifying and organizing fundraising opportunities, researching grant opportunities and prepared grant proposals; and managing annual fundraisers (2+ members)

    Section 6: Social – responsible for organizing meals and activities for summer band camp, end-of-season banquets, and other designated social events, including securing beverages, food, party supplies, and Entertainment (1+ member)

    Section 7: Recruitment – assist band director(s) with student recruitment and enrollment activities.

    Section 8: Historian – responsible for development and maintaining a documented history of the band including photos, lists of members, copies of programs etc. Works closely with the PR committee (1+ member)

    Section 9: Product Sales – responsible for compiling and placing orders, distribution of the items.

    Section 10: Community Partnerships Committee: - responsible for coordination of community events, not limited to but including participation in the annual Martel Walk


    Section 1: This organization shall not support any activity not previously approved by the Executive Board.

    Section 2: Fundraising activities for the bands that are held in conjunction with a school activity (i.e. selling candy bars at parent meetings) must have prior approval of the Madison High School Administration. Those activities solely benefiting the Marching Dodgers Booster Club and held outside of the school property do not need prior approval of the Madison High School Administration.


    Section 1: The choice of music, formations, routines, uniforms, and instrumentation are the sole responsibility of the Band Director.


    Section 1: The fiscal year of the MDBC shall begin on January 1 and end on December 31.


    The Board and Membership of the MDBC will scrupulously avoid any real or apparent conflict of interest in the selection or implementation of fundraising activities, hiring of auxiliary staff or clinicians and the purchase of equipment. In the event that a conflict of interest arises, the matter will be discussed in a meeting of the general membership, in which any related decisions will be decided by a majority vote.


    Section 1: The Band Director(s) shall have the authority to initiate the petition to disband the MDBC at any time for any reason.


    Section 1: It is our intent to remain an active association. However, if the MDBC should disband, any monies and or inventory shall be donated to the Madison High School Music & Fine Arts Program.


    The Bylaws of the Marching Dodgers Booster Club may be amended by a majority of the voting members at any general booster meeting. The amendments must be presented in writing at the general booster meeting and the amendments will be voted on by the general booster membership at the next general booster meeting. The general booster membership must be notified in writing of the pending constitution amendment vote and the results of the vote. Members will have the opportunity for a proxy vote if unable to attend the meeting of the vote.


    Trustees of the MDBC (not limited to but consisting of a minimum of three) are responsible for overseeing the activities of the organization. The Trustees will ensure the club purpose is followed and formulate for presentation to the executive board any recommended changes to club policy as required as the club moves forward. Trustees shall/ will be elected /reconfirmed or appointed at the general elections annually and an individual will serve no more than five years without that Trustee seat going to election.