• You are expected to come to class every day, ready to learn.  In order to do well in this class, it is imperative that you keep an organized notebook.  You will receive many handouts, notes, and lab sheets each quarter, so keeping things in sequential order is necessary.  The following is a list of materials to help you this year:

    1. A 3-ring binder (1-1 ½”) divided into the following sections:
      • Reference Handouts
      • Do Nows (with loose leaf paper)
      • Notes, Handouts, and Tests/Quizzes
    2. Several thick highlighters
    3. Pencils and pens (any color but red!)
    4. Colored pencils, if you like to have your own set
    5. A dozen clear plastic protector sheets
    6. Glue sticks are helpful during projects and activities