Report Card
  • How:  Assignments will be graded on a point system.  If an activity is worth 20 points and you earn 17 points, your grade is a B.  You can use this formula to calculate your %:

    Earned Points / Possible Points x 100= %

    17/20 x100= 85%= B



    1)      Tests- worth 40-60 points

    2)      Quizzes and lab reports- worth 10-40 points

    3)      Homework- worth 1-5 points

    You are responsible for checking your own grades on STI to be sure they are correct! 

    Late Work:

    Assignments will be accepted late, but you will lose 5% per day late.  Assignments will not be accepted after the answers have been reviewed in class or papers have been returned to the class- this means most homework.

    Make Up Work and Extra Help:

    1. It is the student’s responsibility to find out what was missed during an absence from school.  Check the teacher’s Sample Binder and Table of Contents for anything that you missed.  This should be done before or after class, not during class time.  Timelines for making up work at in accordance with school policy.
    2. Students may make up work or get extra help after school from 2:45-3:15.  Days will be announced each week or arranged with the teacher.