Human Behavior is a one semester course that combines psychology with some sociology to better understand human behavior. This course focuses mostly on psychology (60%) and includes important concepts, theories and principles of  sociology. Attention is given to methodology of both social sciences Emphasis is  also focused on learning and learning theory and practice from both the individual and societal perspectives. How we develop our personalities will be an important  part of this course. Here attention will be placed on individual and environmental factors and how they shape our attitudes, values, beliefs and behaviors. Additionally,  this course will study human development through the different ages and stages of life from the psychological and sociological perspective. This course will end with a study of mental illness: types, causes, treatments, and impact on our American society.
     A. Introduction to the Course and Science of Psychology and Sociology
    B. Learning & Culture 
    C. Personality: from an individual and a social perspective
    D. Social Organization and Institutions
    E. Stages in Human Growth and Development 
    F. Emotional & Behavioral Problems