• Math Facts & Fun!


    Your child will be learning with our Math In Focus program which is very hands on! Explore the Think Central website which accompanies our math curriculum.  This will give your child lots of tips, fun games and math manipulatives to practice with. You will need your student ID# to sign up.
    An important part of the 1st grade curriculum is getting to know basic math facts. Rapid recall of these facts will help your child continue to succeed as he or she faces more difficult problems. This should be done in several stages:  


    •            Addition facts 5-10
    •           Subtraction facts from 10
    •          Addition facts 11-15 and then up to 20.
    •         Subtraction facts from 20.

    Students will be practicing regularly in class. You can help your child by giving him or her plenty of opportunities to practice math facts by using flashcards, math apps or math games online. 

    There are many apps to pick from but here are a few to get you started: