• Process & Criteria for Establishing a New Co-Curricular/ECA Activity





    General criteria to think about when proposing a new club/activity:

    • Concept or Idea that supports a need at MHS and has a group of students willing to participate.
    • Value to Madison High Students - ability to enrich their overall experience.  Does this club/activity provide educational value; volunteer & service learning opportunities; or some other type of value to the students that participate? Are the programs/activities objectives in harmony with the educational goals adopted by the Board of Education?
    • Sustainability - Can interest in this club/activity be sustained among the students?  Is the leadership sustainable?


    Process for proposing a new club/activity:

    • Meet with the Director of Extra Curricular Activities (Assistant Principal) to discuss your concept/idea.
    • Complete and submit the Activity Proposal Form found on the MHS Website under the Clubs & Activities tab.
    • A duly submitted proposal for a New Co-Curricular activity will be considered for approval if:
      • Its objectives are in harmony with the educational goals adopted by the Board;
      • It is designed to meet assessed pupil needs and interests;
      • At least 10 pupils have expressed an intention to participate in the activity;
      • Participation is open to all interested pupils available for participation, or if participation is limited, any qualifications for participation are reasonably justified by the purpose of the activity;
      • The proposed use of school facilities does not interfere with the instructional program or the conduct of established co-curricular activities; and
      • The proposed activity will be properly supervised.
    • Typically, a new club/activity is required to meet unofficially for a trial period (generally 1 school year) with a volunteer staff member supervising the club/activity meeting.(Still Requires BOE Approval.)
    • If, after the trial period, the club is successful and has demonstrated that there is a commitment on the part of the advisor and students; the club/activity has demonstrated its value to the school;, and it has demonstrated its sustainability, the Director of ECA will make a recommendation to the Principal to propose the club/activity as a supplementary budget request for the next school year’s budget cycle.
    • New clubs need BOE approval. Upon approval, advisor stipends are set by the BOE & the MEA per the collective bargaining agreement.