• Important Information About Your
    Madison Google Account
    Your Madison Network & Google Password
    Your Google account password is synced to your network login.  Therefore, you cannot change your password in Google.  All password changes must be done by changing your network password on a district computer. Once you have changed your password on a district computer your google password will be automatically changed.
    Steps to Change Your Network and Google Account Password:
    1. Login to a network computer (a desktop or laptop).
    3. Select 'Change Password'.
    4. Type in your old password.
    5. Type in your new password (ensuring it doesn't contain any aspect of your name and that it does contain a minimum of 8 characters that includes a combination of uppercase, lowercase, number, and special character).
    6. Hit Confirm or OK or Save.
    7. You will see an indication that your password has been changed.
    8. Now, open up Chrome. Login to your Google account using the password you just created and you will now see your password on both your network and Google account have been changed.
    Accessing Madison's Google Web Store for Approved Apps & Extensions
    Option 1: To access Madison's Google Web Store, simply click on the following link:
    Option 2: To Access Madison's Google Web Store, you can also do the following:
    1. You may also access this web store by clicking on the  Google Apps    button located in the upper left corner of your Chrome Browser.
    2. Once you have clicked on the 'Apps' button, you will see the icon appear for the Web Store Web Store .
    3. Click on this icon and you will be taken to Madison's Google Web Store.
    Requests for Chrome Apps & Extensions to be Added to Madison's Web Store
    If you would like to submit a request to have an app or extension added to the web store, please fill out the form that is available by clicking on the following link: Madison Public Schools Chrome Web Store App Extension Request Form.
    Thank you for your request.