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     To make the most of these easy Spanish jokes for kids:
    -Tell your child that you are going to tell a joke. Teach the word chiste (joke) and the phrase
    ¿Te cuento un chiste? (Should I tell you a joke?) 
     1. La maestra dice:
    – Pepito, dime cuatro miembros de la familia de los felinos.
    – Papá gato, mamá gata y dos gatitos.
    (Pepito, tell me four members of the cat family.
    – Father Cat, Mother Cat and two kittens. This joke is playing with the word “familia”.)
    2. ¿Por qué la maestra usa lentes oscuros? – Porque sus alumnos son brillantes.
    (Why does the teacher use dark glasses? Because her students are brilliant.)
    3.– Pedrito, ¿Qué vas a ser cuando seas grande?
       – Pedro.
    (Johnny, what are you going to be when you grow up? – John.)