The Human Sexuality course at MHS covers the following topics:
    Male/Female Reproductive Health
    Sexual decision making
    Influence of the media on students' perceptions of Sex & Sexuality
    Birth Control Methods
    Sexually Transmitted Diseases/AIDS
    Pregnancy and Childbirth
    Sexual Violence/Assault
    The above topics are covered and discussed in an honest, open, accurate and frank manner. Students are encouraged to think about and reflect upon aspects of their sexuality and sexual behavior.
    Parents who may be uncomfortable with any of the topics covered are encouraged to contact me to discuss their concerns.
    The main focus of the course is to encourage students to discuss and reflect on aspects of Human Sexuality.
    Students will take 3 quizzes as well as write 3 reaction papers to various aspects of the course. Students will also do a short classroom presentation on how the media influences perceptions of sex and sexuality. 
    All written assignments must be submitted through Google Classroom by the deadline stipulated. Any assignment submitted late will result in a ZERO for the assignment.
    Class Conduct (50 points)
    5 points can be deducted off the Conduct grade for the following
    Late to Class             Cutting Class        Cell Phone use           Improper use of bathroom/hallway pass
    Class disruption         Insubordination    Non participation in class activities
Last Modified on October 22, 2019