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  • Please note that the PGC interview process has been postponed until further notice. Students who submitted applications by the deadline will be notified of updated group interview times. Thank you!

    PGC Application Classroom - FAQ and Instructions

    Please access the PGC Application Classroom using the code: nc7nmmq

    Hello and thank you for your interest in applying to PGC! Please read this announcement thoroughly.

    What is Peer Group Connections (PGC?) - PGC was formed as an extracurricular club and is a class ELECTIVE. Students apply as sophomores to take the class during their Junior Year. They are required to lead as Seniors, but do not take the class. Juniors will learn about a variety of subjects and turnkey that information to the freshmen during monthly outreach groups during their Physical Education period.

    The ultimate goal of PGC is to help freshmen acclimate to the high school in a mature, responsible, and accessible manner. We hope that every freshman learns about the variety of resources available to them, and sees leaders as approachable people to whom they can turn with questions/concerns.

    PGC and my Class Schedule - Please consult with your Guidance Counselor to see if PGC will fit into your schedule. We seek to accept students of all levels, classes, etc. PGC is considered an elective and you will receive credit for it.

    !!! It is important to know that due to Physical Education being reduced to 2 days out of the 4 day cycle, it has become harder to schedule outreaches. Most recently, we have had to adjust from pulling leaders ONLY from Physical Education/Study to whatever period freshmen have gym. This means that you MAY be pulled from an academic core class (ESPECIALLY if you are planning on taking zero period!) We have approximately 8-10 outreaches per year; please take this into consideration when applying.

    What do you learn in PGC? - Students can expect to learn about a variety of real-life topics, including intra/interpersonal communication and leadership skills, group facilitation, self-assessment, etc. This is done through class projects, discussions, and reflection papers. Much of the class is student-driven, and we encourage respectful dialogue about a variety of real-world subjects.

    What can I expect from the application process? - You will be asked to submit your written application by the deadline. No late applications will be accepted. In early March, we will ask that applicants sign up for a group interview time (sign-ups will be outside of Ms. Morgenthaler's office). You will be interviewed in a group with approximately 20-25 other people. You will answer questions about yourself and participate in some group activities. While we know that 'interviewing' can be intimidating, please know that we are just looking to get to know you!


    1. Complete the Application (Google Doc). Both application and references are due Monday, March 9, 2020 by 3:00 PM.

    2. Complete the References Page (Google Form)
    - We are asking you to submit the names and contact information for two (2) personal references, one being a contact at Madison High School (teacher, counselor, etc) and one being an outside adult (employer, team coach, tutor, faith leader, neighbor, etc)

    ***IMPORTANT*** Make sure you print out the confirmation page that you will see once you submit the Google Form- you and your parent will need to sign it

    3. Hand in the confirmation page (Ms. Morgenthaler's mailbox in the main office, or directly to her/under her door in her office in G-Hall)

    4. IN EARLY MARCH - Listen for announcements - sign up for a group interview time slot outside of Ms. Morgenthaler's office. Interview slots will NOT be posted before March.

    5. Take permission slip that corresponds with your group interview time. Have your parent/guardian sign it. Hand this in before your interview.

    If you would like more information about what you can expect from PGC, please come ask!

    It is our hope that providing this information via Google Classroom will help to streamline this process for you. If you have read through all of the information and have questions/concerns, please see Mrs. Gentile (B-12) or Ms. Morgenthaler (G-Hall).

    We look forward to learning more about you, and meeting you soon!!

    - Mrs. Gentile & Ms. Morgenthaler

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