• ESL Program Goal

    The focus of the ESL program is to fulfill the academic, social, and personal goals of each individual student. The program recognizes individual differences in language proficiency and cultural backgrounds and it provides learners with opportunities to develop and realize their potential, interests, and aspirations. Ultimately, the ELL program hopes to achieve the following goals:

    1. To help ESL students progress in the attainment of English proficiency for communication in school and the community.

    2. To help students progress in the attainment of English proficiency in order to make satisfactory progress in the regular school program.

    3. To prepare students to successfully meet criteria on standardized tests and promotion requirements.  

     ESL Class Expectations
    • Be Punctual - Be ready to learn when the bell rings.  If you are late, you will need a late pass to enter the classroom.
    • Be Prepared - Have homework and any other class materials ready when the bell rings.  This shows me that you want to learn and you are ready to work.
    • Be Respectful - As you know, learning a language can be difficult.  In our classroom, it is okay to make mistakes and practice the language.  Everyone is expected to be good listeners and help one another.  You were all new students once!
    • Cell phones and headphones are NOT permitted during class unless instructed to be used by the teacher.  They must be turned in when you enter the room each day!