Lesson Requirements
    1. Students are expected to come prepared to their lesson with instrument, music, and a pencil.
    2.  Students are expected to practice a minimum of 60 minutes (1st year students ) 90 minutes (2nd year students) per week.  A practice log is to be filled out after each home practice session and initialed by the parent at the end of each week.  Practice logs are checked at the start of each lesson.  Failure to hand in a practice log each week will affect the childs grade in "At Home Practice" on their progress report.
    2. Students are expected to attend weekly morning band or orchestra rehearsals once they have joined their ensemble.  Unexcused absenses will affect the childs grade in "Attendance" and "Class Participation" on their progress reports.  Excused absenses are if your child is staying home because they are sick, doctors appointment or family emergency.  Please try your best to notify the teacher by the morning of rehearsal to excuse your child for any of those reasons. I may be reached at maralloa@madisonnjps.org.
    3.  Students are required to attend all concerts.  Failure to attend a concert will affect the students grade in "Attendance" and "Class Participation" on their progress report.