•  Reading Response/WEB Log Strategies


              Yes! It is true that reading improves with practice! As part of the weekly homework, you will read at home and complete various reading response task.

              First, read at least 30 minutes each day. When you are reflecting on your reading, you may use any comprehension strategy that you have learned or will be learning throughout third grade. Here is a list of some strategies you will be using:


    1.  Question - What questions did you have while reading?

    2.  Parts of a Story – What are the story elements: characters, setting, events, problem and solution?

    3.  Theme -  What is the theme of the story?

    4. Author’s Purpose - What’s important? Share a fact or a main idea. Why did the author write this piece?

    5. Infer – Tell about a conclusion you’ve made based on what you have read so far.

    6.Make a Connection – Either to yourself (text-to-self), another book (text-to-text), or to the world (text-to-world).

    7.   Visualize – Tell about a picture you made in your mind during your reading time.

    8. Predict – Tell what you think might happen next.

    9. Synthesize – Tell about a new thought you have based on what you have read.

    10. Evaluate – What is your opinion? Would you recommend this book to someone else? Why?

    11. Summarize – Retell what you’ve read, using your own words.