• Spring Track is hosting 2 large events:

    Dodgertown Relays, April 9th

    Morris County Frosh-Soph Championship, May 13th

    We will also be hosting three home meet.

    We plan to sell food and drinks from our Snack Hut during these meets.  WHY?

    • Generate $$ for our booster club, which purchases items not covered in the school budget such as extra equipment, athlete mementos, and gifts for volunteer coaches.
    • We want to show our guests a good time, give them a positive view of MHS.
    • It’s a great bonding opportunity.  (OK, this is just a nice side effect!)

    We sell: 

    • Bagels (+ butter, cream cheese)           
    • Homemade Treats         
    • Fruit
    • Pizza          
    • Hot Dogs          
    • PB&J        
    • Pretzels/chips/crackers
    • Gatorade    
    • Water        
    • Soda        
    • Juice boxes         
    • Candy

    Many parents traditionally help by working in the hut and donating baked goods.  We’re still counting on this wonderful support, and with 2 big snack hut days we’ll need as many parents as possible to help at least one day.  We also open the snack hut during home MHS meets and home Madison Recreational meets.  If you are willing and able to help out then, it would also be appreciated. SignUpGenius forms will be used for coordinating volunteers.


    • Pizza Guy/Gal
      • The vendor will provide 8-slice 16” pies for a good price.  We’ll set up an initial schedule (example: 8 pizzas every 30 minutes from 11-2).   Pizza Guy/Gal will arrange the pizza pickups, and communicate any changes needed to the vendor.  Plan to use snack hut helpers anytime so that you won’t miss watching your child on the track!
    •  Early morning coffee maker
      • Set up 2-3 coffee makers, get one going immediately.   Might be able to do this the night before so we just plug them in. 
    •  Bagel pickup
      • I will order and pay for the pre-sliced bagels.  We usually pick these up 7-7:30 am for Saturday meets.