• 5th Grade
    Summer Reading Assignment 
    At the end of the school year, the fifth grade teachers asked all incoming fifth graders to read at least three "Just Right" books by September 3rd.  You may choose a book from any genre, but the book should be on your reading level.  You will be asked to complete a project pertaining to ONE of your summer reading books when you return to school, so come in with a favorite book in mind.  You may want to bring a copy of the book with you, or, if it is a library book, you may want to take notes while reading.  This is not required, but you must CLEARLY remember the characters, setting, and important plot details when you come to school!  If you have any questions, please feel free to email us.
    - The 5th Grade Teachers
    Happy Reading!!!  
    *Please remember to practice your math facts, too!