• Phonics Websites
    Fundations Sound Drill- Correct pronunciation of letters, keywords and their sounds.
    Website for Phonics Games
    Progressive Phonics- This website has printable practice books for beginner, intermediate and advanced phonics skills.  Students and parents can search for a book that targets a specific reading skill that they want to practice (e.g. the sound of the digraph "th").  
    Reading Bear is a free website with thousands of vocabulary items for students to learn! This site offers videos, correct pronunciations of short vowels, long vowels, blends, digraphs and suffixes. There are quizzes along the way and when words are introduced to students, a definition is provided with visuals. This website is great for students who are struggling with phonics skills or who are ESL learners. 
    ABC Fast Phonics: This website offers explanations and rules to the English language while teaching students phonics skills. There are pictures the students can click on throughout the lessons which makes it more fun.
    "Teach Your Monster to Read" is a fun phonics and reading website where students create a monster and take it on an adventure! First, students or teachers create a free username and password. Then, students, teachers or parents can select the reading level and the website makes a fun game to practice reading and phonics skills. This website feels more like a game than actual reading!