• Online Resources

    The main goal of this class is to learn Italian language through experiencing Italian culture.  Technology opens many doors to both language and culture. The list of resources below are the main web resources we will use in Italian class.

    • Madison Public Schools website - you will find homework assignments posted here, and general links for class
    • Google Classroom - you will find short-term and long-term assignments posted here with links to the resources you’ll need.  You’ll be able to post work here, and check grades for those assignments.  Parents: you can opt-in to email notifications from Google Classroom.
    • Google Sites (Italian 6) (Italian 7) (Italian 8) - Consider this your “digital textbook”.  The sites are organized by class unit, and include links to required and supplementary resources.  You can use this site as a reference to review past material, or look ahead to upcoming topics.
    • Quizlet - browse Signorina Troullos’ flash card sets for class, log in and track your practice, or create your own flash card decks
    • Conjuguemos- play the verb conjugator game to practice your Italian verbs

    Additional Resources- just for fun! :)

    • FreeRice.com - While you’re practicing your Italian vocabulary, this World Food Programme website will donate rice to people in need
    • DuoLingo - Available for Chrome Books and many other devices, this app lets your practice your Italian reading, writing, listening and speaking skills in a self-paced game.  You’ll earn badges as you move through the levels.  
    • 360 Visio - Virtual tours of some of Italy’s famous sites


    Venezia, il Palazzo Ducale e San Giorgio