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    Band camp is an eight day, intensive program where students practice their instruments, learn/memorize music for the upcoming season and learn drills and how to march the program.  They work hard, sweat a lot, have sore muscles, but also have a great time socializing and bonding with all the members of the Marching Band.  Expect they will learn the majority of this year’s show, have some fun doing it, and expect to be proud of the hard work that goes into making the Madison Marching Dodgers a fantastic, award-winning marching band.


    Camp Time: August 22 – 25 from 5 to 9pm

    August 26 – 29 from 9am to 9/10pm


    All students should be on the field ready to practice at the start time. Therefore, you must get there ahead of time to get your instrument and get to the field by either 5pm or 9am.  Generally, arrive 15 minutes earlier than the arrival time. That also applies to all events for the whole season.  Expect the end times to vary from day to day between 9 to 10:30pm depending on activities planned.  Please note that the scheduled end time means the time they leave the field.  They will need to put away instruments, gather their belongings and listen to any final comments by the staff.  Waiting for your marcher is a great time to socialize with other parents and to see what is going on.  If you prefer not to be waiting, then have your child call you when they are ready.


    Evening Camp (first 4 days):  Everyone should show up having eaten dinner.  Be sure to bring your bug spray and have water.

    Full Day Camp (last 4 days):

    Lunch: 12-1pm: Students have the option of buying a band camp lunch from a selected restaurant each day.  Look at the lunch form, choose the days and items you want to purchase and return the form to the band room or Eileen Bennett’s home.  Your order will be confirmed by email.  If you don’t order lunch, you can bring your own lunch or have someone drop it off in the band room.  There will be a designated table for lunch drop-off.  The students name should be on the bag.  Lunch should be dropped off by 11:45am. Fruit, cookies and water will be provided each day for all members and staff. We will need some volunteers to help pick up the food, serve/cleanup the lunch and bring fruit or cookies. See attached.

    Dinner: 4-5:45pm: Dinner is the only time students are allowed to leave school.  It is strongly advised to go home to rest, shower and eat dinner. If you are not able to go home, try to take turns with a friend to go home with them. If you are not going home, there will be a staff person in the band room during the dinner break. Make sure you bring something to eat for dinner. Some kids also bring money and order pizza or subs to be delivered to the band room.  Remember everyone should be on the field and ready to get back to work by 6pm.

    Dot Books: Marching students will receive DOT BOOKS donated by the MDBC at camp.  These help marchers determine their exact place during the show.  Staff and upperclassmen will help the new band students with the books.  There may be some work to do at home each night in the book.  If your child does not understand how to complete the dot book, please ask and someone will help.  It’s important all marchers keep up with their dot books.  (Front ensemble (pit) does not need/get DOT books.)

    What to wear: Wear light colored clothes, sneakers with socks, sunscreen and a sun hat.

    What to bring: A small backpack with a water bottle, light snacks (granola bars, banana etc.), extra shirt, bug spray, sunscreen, rain gear (ponchos work well), dot book, pencil, chapstick/DCT and your instrument. There will be water on the field, but it’s best to start out with one of your own. The kids practice outside rain or shine unless there is lightning.  These supplies will be very handy for all practices throughout the season.



    Romanelli’s Fundraiser: We are kicking off band camp with a fund raiser at Romanelli’s on Monday, August 21st from 5 to 9pm.   Come out and share great food at a local eatery while raising money for the band!  Tell everyone you know to eat in or take out from 5 to 9pm and Romanelli’s will be donating 15% back to the MDBC!

    Parent Meetings: On Saturday night, Aug. 26th at 8pm (before ice cream social): We strongly ask for each family to have at least one parent attend.  We will discuss the upcoming season including our Tournament of Band competition as well as answer any questions. 

    Ice Cream Social: On Saturday night around 9pm once the kids have wrapped up their first full day, all families are invited to join the band for ice cream.  It’s a chance to meet other band families and mingle with friends and staff.  Parents and siblings are encouraged to attend.

    Parent Show and Tell: On the last night of band camp, the band will give a sneak preview of the season’s show and what was learned during band camp.  More details will follow.  And there will be cake!!

    Band Camp Information

    *Band Camp Lunch Orders are due by August 15, 2017*

    The Marching Dodgers Booster Club is looking forward to another great band camp!!  Here are some instructions for all those participating:

    WATER:  We ask every family to donate 1 case of water so the kids will have ample water to stay hydrated during practice time.  Please drop the case of water by the band room door with your student on the first day of band camp. 

    LUNCH:  $10.00 is all it costs to have a delicious lunch served to your Marching Dodger!  If you choose not to purchase lunch, you must provide your own lunch each full day of Band Camp.  Available to everyone at no charge will be a selection of seasonal fruits, water and desserts which we all pitch in to provide.  Lunch will be served under the awning at the front entrance of Madison High School.  If your child wishes to bring lunch, they should bring it with them or someone can drop it off by 11:45am.  Make sure the band member’s name is on it and leave it on the designated table.  There is no refrigerator available.

    FOOD DONATIONS (Please see the attached list for dessert and fruit donations – it is broken down by sections)

    VOLUNTEERS:  Help is needed to pick up lunch orders from restaurants, set-up, serve lunch, and clean up.   You will receive an email from SignUp Genius.  We will need 3 people to help with lunches each day.  We will also need volunteers to help supply dinner for the staff on the full days.  Again, more information will be in an email from SignUp Genius.

    LUNCH ORDER FORMS:  Complete the order form and return with payment by August 15th.  Order forms along with payment should be in an envelope marked “Marching Band Lunch” and can be put in the black box in the band room OR delivered to Eileen Bennett’s home OR brought to the Full Ensemble practice on August 15th.   If your marcher has a big appetite you may order 2 of any meal.  Please make your check payable to “Marching Dodger Booster Club” (MDBC).  Your lunch order will be confirmed by email.  Please deliver before deadline.

    ONLINE STORE:  Every year, we offer our band members and their families the opportunity to purchase Marching Dodger merchandise.  We offer these items to you for very close to cost.  The highly functional and much loved items are available for a limited time and once the online store closes down, it is done for the year.  As of now, we expect the store to be open from Aug. 1 – 31 and we hope to have some sample sizes at the parent meeting during Band Camp as well.  Stay tuned for more information!



    From Saturday through Tuesday, we will need donations of fruit and dessert to supplement our lunch program.   These items are for everyone including staff and not just for those ordering lunch.  We have assigned each band section a day and category.  The donations can be sent in with your child in the morning or you can drop it off at the high school at 11:30am.  If you have any questions, please contact Debbie Moore at 973-377-3855.  (If your donation is scheduled for a pre-approved absence day, you are excused as it has been noted in the planning.)


    FRUIT DONATION – Please send in 10 single servings that do not require utensils.  Good choices include grape bunches, watermelon slices, clementines, apples etc. and bags of cut veggies works too like carrots, cucumbers and peppers.

    DESSERT DONATION - Please send in 10 servings of a finger food dessert that does not require utensils.   NO TREE NUTS or PEANUTS PLEASE.  Good choices are cookies, rice krispie treats, nut-free brownies etc.  Store bought items are fine.


    SATURDAY 8/26

    Fruit – Clarinets and Sousaphones

    Dessert - Flute/Piccolos and Drum Majors


    SUNDAY 8/27

    Fruit – Drum Line (Battery)

    Dessert – Color Guard


    MONDAY 8/28

    Fruit – Pit

    Dessert – Mellophones, Trombones & Baritones


    TUESDAY 8/29

    Fruit – Saxophones (Alto, Tenor and Bari)

    Dessert – Trumpets