• Welcome To Home Technology! 
         This course was developed to give the students information on how to perform minor repairs in a residential structure.  I think most of you will agree that we all strive to own our own home some day.  Home Technology  teaches the students the tools and materials necessary to maintain a home without relying on contractors for minor repairs. 
         Home Technology students construct a full scale wall section in the lab.  The exterior wall section is constructed using all authentic materials.  The students are taught how to use hand tools as well as portable power tools to  process the materials during construction.  When construction is complete the instructor creates defects in the wall representing common home repairs, ( damaged sheetrock,  cracked siding panel).  After brainstorming possible ways of fixing the problem  the students are responsible for making any necessary repairs.  Finally  the students will demolish the structure recycling as much material as possible.
         Upon completion of the course the students will be able to use a variety of tools correctly and safely to perform a variety  of repairs to a residential structure confident in the knowledge acquired in the Home Technology lab.
         Any question or comments please feel free to contact me at:  
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