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    Literacy Support
    Period 5
    The focus of the Literacy Support class is on strengthening reading and writing skills, building vocabulary, enriching comprehension and improving students' ability to read for information, academic work and pleasure. This course is designed to support the work students are doing in their regular English classes. Additional attention may be paid to preparing students for the PARCC.

    English 10
    Periods 1, 7 and 8 

    English 10 is an American Literature course.  Sophomores engage in reading both classic and contemporary American literature as they examine the American Dream and its legacies. The diversity and unity of the American experience is reflected in the works studied. Students are required to read various works of literature and informational texts, develop a higher level of thinking skills, expand their vocabulary, improve their grammar and use of language, do research,  create a multimedia presentation,  and learn to write in a variety of forms, including narrative, argumentative, and explanatory, with periodic emphasis on prewriting, organizing, and revising.