Clubs and activities typically meet after school from 2:45 - 3:10. Some meetings may be scheduled during advisory period or before school. All times are announced during daily advisory and then posted on the bulletin outside the main office.

    Listed below is the list of extracurricular activities available at MJS with the advisor's name.

    Administrators' Council: 
    comprised of 6th, 7th and 8th grade students, meets monthly with the principal and assistant principal to discuss student issues. The selection process takes place in the fall. Students who are members in good standing may remain on the council for their 8th grade year. Advisor: Ms. Sherrin and Mr. Coster.

    Bill of Rights: 

    Ensures that the MJS Bill of Rights is upheld and not violated. In conjunction with the Student Council, the group raises awareness of Random Acts of Kindness and
    ensures that any student who feels a right has been infringed upon is heard.  Advisors:  Ms. Kirkland
    Book Club: 
    Open to all students, and meets every Wednesday in the library from 2:43-3:15 p.m. Students read selected books and enjoy theme-related activities. Interested students are encouraged to participate for the full year, but can also join on a book-by-book basis. Advisor: Ms. Cavallo.

    Cavalier (school newspaper): 

    is published two times a year in the Fall and Spring. Students write articles either individually or with a partner, and topics range from world news to school news to entertainment. Some of the staff members also work on layout.  Advisors:  Mrs. Henry and Mrs. Rosica.

    Conflict Resolution/Peer Mediation: 

    Conflict Resolution is a team of students that helps plan events at MJS to promote respect and a positive school culture. We meet during lunch in the fall and in the winter/spring we will meet on Wed. after school. In the spring, we will travel the the elementary schools to teach the 5th graders the 6 steps of Win/Win. MJS students will also be trained on the mediation process and may be involved in running mediations with other MJS students. Advisors: Mrs.Steege and Mrs. Marotta 



    Gives students a chance to participate on stage as actors, singers or dancers, or behind the scenes as part of the running stage crew, lighting crew or props and costumes crew. Spring production tryouts are held early in the school year. Musical rehearsals will be scheduled immediately after school.  Students will be required to attend the full cast rehearsal once a week. Other rehearsals will be scheduled for smaller groups. Advisors: Ms. Ciolino
    Jazz Band 7 & 8:
     meets weekly from 7:05-7:50am(Tuesday). This group performs at school and community events. Students learn jazz, rock and Latin styles, as well as improvisation techniques. Many Jazz Band students go on to play in the MHS Jazz Bands. Advisor: Mr. Sabatino.
    Project Green Team:
    is an organization of students who share the passion and motivation to conserve and improve our environment.  Our activities and fund raisers are primarily focused on making our Earth a better place.  We like to think that every day is Earth Day, and want to help others think the same way.  Advisors:  Ms. Hill and Ms. Donnelly
    The Robotics Team competes during the fall each year in the First Lego League.  The roster is limited to 10 students to meet the rules set forth by the league.  Tryouts are held during the second week of school every year, and the State Championship Qualifying Tournament is usually held the weekend before Thanksgiving.  The State Championship is usually held sometime in the following three weeks.  Meetings are mandatory, and held every Tuesday and Thursday from 3:15-4:30. Advisors: Mr. Newbery and Ms. Hatziemanuel
    Student Council: 
    Engages in community service activities, organizes social functions and acts as a voice for the students of MJS. All MJS students are members of the Student Council.  Council elections for officers and representatives take place in the spring for the following year’s 7th and 8th grade positions.  In October, elections are held for team representatives in grades 6, 7, and 8.   Click here to learn more.  Advisors: Mr. Finkelstein and Ms. Pehowic
    The yearbook is published at the end of the school year, with deadlines periodically during the year. The staff consists of 8th grade students as editors and photographers, and 6th and 7th graders as photographers. The only requirement is to be responsible for getting the work done on a schedule. Students are asked to fill out an application stating their preference for position and their availability. Weekly meetings are typically on Thursdays or Fridays after school, on an as-needed basis.  Advisors: Mrs. Young and Ms. Bosworth
    Lord of the Rings Club:
    The Lord of the Rings Club meets weekly to read and discuss J.R.R. Tolkein's books, particularly The Lord of the Rings. Meetings alternate between viewing the films based on the Tolkein's writings and reading the writings themselves. Other activities include updates on the latest fan paraphernalia, online games, and researching Tolkein's Middle Earth.
    Advisor: Mr. Bradshaw