school counselor              
    Kathy Siso has been the Guidance Counselor at Madison Junior School since September 2001.  She has both her undergraduate and graduate degrees from New York University.  She is a member of the Morris County Counselors Association, the American Counseling Association, and the Association for Supervision and Curriculum Development.
    As the Guidance Counselor her first priority is to advocate for each student. She is the voice that they sometimes feel they do not have.  As their advocate she helps them to talk to teachers, friends, and classmates when a problem arises.  Her main goal is to eventually have the children advocate for themselves.  She has an open door policy and students are welcome to stop by at anytime as long as they have a pass from their teacher, unless of course it is an emergency. 
    In addition to being the student's advocate Mrs. Siso is also responsible for student schedules, coordinating placement for the next school year, working closely with the high school guidance department, serving as a liaison between the parents and their child's team.
    If you need to contact Mrs. Siso you can do so by calling her at 973-593-3149 ext. 3193 or emailing her by clicking here:  mailto:sisok@madisonnjps.org
Last Modified on November 4, 2015