•  Welcome to the Office of
    Curriculum and Instruction

    The goals of the Office of Curriculum and Instruction are to:
    Promote Professional Development
    • Create a culture of professional growth
    • Expand educational collaboration with outside organizations
    • Support teachers as they work to obtain skills and knowledge to improve their instruction with children
    Provide Curriculum Leadership
    • Implement a curriculum renewal plan to evaluate, develop, implement and refine curriculum
    • Model good instruction
    • Develop instructional leadership among teaching staff
    • Support school principals in their roles as instructional leaders
    Our faculty and staff are continuously working towards fulfilling our school district mission of partnering with each other, families, and the community to educate, inspire, and challenge all students to achieve their fullest academic and personal potential.
    In developing priorities and strategies, the district goals serve as a basis to strengthen the educational program of the district and expand educational collaboration with outside organizations. Members of our faculty and staff are actively involved in helping envision, plan, and implement our key initiatives.
    Browse our website for examples of our current activity and watch these pages for ongoing updates about our programs and progress.




    Daniel J. Ross, Esq.

    Director of Curriculum and Instruction RossD

    Barbara O'Donnell

    Confidential Secretary ODonnellB

    Dr. Frank Santora

    Director of Special Services SantoraF


    Content Area(s) Email

    Kelly Bosworth

    Mathematics and Science BosworthK

    Dr. Mark DeBiasse

    Humanities DeBiasseM

    Stacy Snider

    World Language,
    Visual and
    Performing Arts

    Sean Dowling

    Physical Education, Health, and Athletics DowlingS

    Brett Levine

    Guidance LevineB

    Christine Seminerio

    Special Services SeminerioC