Meat and Potatoes      
     6th and 7th grade Cycle Art
    The art cycles are designed to offer 6th and 7th grade students a hands-on art experience in a studio setting.  Art techniques are presented to enhance students' skills, artists' work is examined to inspire students' creativity, and student "showings" are held regularly to recognize student achievement. 
    • Drawing
    • Painting
    • 3-Dimensional Art
    • Students will find pleasure in creating art
    • Students will learn techniques to increase skill
    • Students will develop their own aesthetic sense
    • Students will experiment with a variety of media
    • Students will feel pride when art is displayed
    • Students will be stimulated by the studio (group) experience
    • Individual assessment and feedback
    • Grading of all art assignments
    • Group critiques
    8th-grade Electives
    Craft Studio
    Craft Studio is a semester-long art elective offered to 8th-grade students.  The course is designed for the student who enjoys "making things," and there is an emphasis on end-product throughout the semester.  Principles of good design, craftsmanship, and function are introduced with each project, and there is heavy emphasis on the satisfaction of working with and creating with one's hands. 
    Drawing and Painting
    Drawing and Painting is designed to provide a studio atmosphere for students who are already familiar with the workings of the art room.  Old concepts, such as "shading," are reintroduced, but at a more sophisticated level.  New concepts, such as "composition," are emphasized and fully explored.  Students are encouraged to start thinking of themselves as artists, not only as their technical prowess grows, but also as they begin to put their own spin on each assignment.
    Ms. Gebstaedt is available in the art room every day after school for students who need extra help with or extra time for assignments.  She may be reached by calling the MJS office at (973) 593-3149.  Ms. Gebstaedt's email address is gebstaedtk@madisonnjps.org