Office of Curriculum and Instruction
    Five Year Curriculum Renewal Process

    Year One: Research

    Program Evaluation

    • Review existing program against NJCCCS and CCSS
    • Compare to similar districts
    • Committee surveys appropriate stakeholders
    • Review latest research in the field

    Year Two: Design

    Curriculum Design, Resource Acquisition, Limited Piloting, Professional Development

    • PD to prepare for curriculum writing
    • Develop course of study
    • Board approval
    • Design common benchmark assessments
    • Review potential materials
    • Pilot materials/curriculum in targeted classrooms
    • Initial PD on curriculum and instructional materials
    Year Three: Implement
    Professional Development
    and Initial Implementation
    • Revise curriculum/assessments
    • Ongoing PD on curriculum and instructional materials
    • Implement in all classrooms
    Year Four: Adjust
    Adjustments, Secondary Implementation
    • Fine tune
    • Continue implementation in all classrooms
    Year Five: Monitor
    Monitor Implementation
    • Monitor implementation

    Selected curriculum documents are available here in .pdf format. To access files, click on one of the subject areas to the left.

    To review paper copies of other documents, please ask your Principal for information.
    * A year is defined as July 1-June 30