About Our School

    Central Avenue School offers regular instruction in the areas of language arts, mathematics, science, social studies, reading, physical education, art and vocal music. District-wide efforts to meet Common Core standards continue. In the area of mathematics, emphasis focused on development, instructional practice and evaluation of problem-solving abilities; calculator use; and the mastery of computational skills through our Math In Focus Program. Problem-solving evaluation consists of pre- and post-assessments and portfolio activities. Writing workshop settings resulting in language arts portfolios, combined with skill instruction, demonstrate our efforts to meet language arts/literacy standards. Strategies for reading fiction and non-fiction help students attain those standards as well. Authentic performance-based science assessments provide students with opportunities to demonstrate their understanding of science facts and concepts, as well as their application of scientific inquiry learned in our elementary science program.

    The development of curricula has been designed to fulfill the requirements of the Common Core Standards. We continue to upgrade our mathematics, language arts, science, social studies, comprehensive health and physical education, and arts programs in accordance with both state and national standards.

    Professional staff development programs during the year have focused upon the technology, readers’ and writers’ workshops, integrating writing into all subject areas, hands-on activities for science and math, Cooperative Learning, Differentiated Instruction, and Inclusion. Throughout the year, teachers attend professional conferences and workshops to keep them aware of the most recent educational practices and procedures. These teachers share new ideas and strategies with colleagues in order to enhance student learning at faculty meetings and during grade-level meetings.

    Our school continues to promote the concept of “Parents as Partners” by insuring parental involvement in many areas of our school. Parent volunteers serve in the library, as Literacy Volunteers, as teachers’ clerical aides, as chaperones for class trips parties and special classroom events, and as lunch and recess helpers. They form a key component of the International Holiday Program for grades kindergarten through five, Mystery Reader Program, Book Fairs, and many other Central Avenue School events. We have a very strong relationship with our Parent-Teacher Organization (PTO) and our Educational Foundation (MEF), where they consistently support our various educational programs through grants and donations.  Parents also partner with staff in many school beautification projects including a “Children’s Reading Garden” where students can go outside to enjoy a natural setting while reading and also through various school-wide projects that are student-centered.

    Each year, our school math team participates in the New Jersey Mathematics League contest for fourth and fifth graders. Students in grades five also participate in the International Math Olympiad contest.

    Central Avenue School is a place where students, teachers, administrators and parents all work together to create an environment where everyone shares in the joy of learning.