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                   Physical Education
                            Mr. Yendrick
    The Physical Education curriculum for Grades K-5 aims to achieve these goals:
    1. leadership
    2. cooperation
    3. partnership
    4. strength and agility
    5. teamwork and sportsmanship
    6. self esteem
    7. general fitness and strength
    Physical Education provides opportunities for each child to develop physically, mentally, emotionally and socially through planned and selected physical activities. In grades K-3 children learn and develop basic physical education skills. The child then improves his/her proficiency and techniques of these skills according to his/her own capabilities. In grades 4-5 children build on the skills that were taught K-3 and improve their proficiency techniques and understanding as more complex games and activities are taught and played. They further develop teamwork and group awareness.


    All students will need to bring sneakers to participate in class. No flip flops, sandals, open toe shoes, hard soled shoes or open back shoes. This is for safety reasons only.   





Last Modified on September 24, 2015