• Contact Information
    Allison Stager, Principal (973) 593-3182 (973) 966-1925 stagera@madisonnjps.org
    Joanne Empson, Secretary (973) 593-3182 (973) 966-1925 empsonj@madisonnjps.org

    Colette Crescas, Nurse

    (973) 593-3182 (973) 966-1925 crescasc@madisonnjps.org
    Kim Pirro, Child Study Team (973) 593-3182 (973) 966-1925 pirrok@madisonnjps.org

    If your child is absent, call the main office number followed by the #1 prompt between 6:00 a.m. and 8:30 a.m. Leave a message with your child's name, teacher and brief reason for absence. It is necessary to call each day your child will be absent.

    Before and After School Care is provided on-site by the Madison Community House - (973) 377-3105.

    Not sure who to call? When in doubt, contact the school office.
    Office staff can provide information about bus transportation, lost and found, school calendar, school procedures, contacting a teacher, and many other things. If the office staff doesn't have the answer, they can direct you to the right person in the district to address your question.