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    Colette Crescas, RN, MPA, CSN
    Phone (973)593-3182 ext. 3184
    Absentee Line (973) 593-3182 press #1
    FAX (973) 966-1925
    Parents/Guardians are encouraged to contact me at any time. It helps me to get to know your child when you share your concerns with me. If your child receives a medication (at home in the morning) that he/she does not receive regularly, please let me know. Should your child come to the office that day, I'll have a better idea of what's going on with him/her. Also, if your child has had recent minor surgery or dental work, and he or she may require an over-the-counter pain reliever, please be sure to provide a physician's order.  A FAX order from a physician's office is acceptable FAX is 973-966-1925.
    Children are encouraged to visit the health office when they do not feel well provided they have the approval of their teachers. Teachers will contact me when a child has a suspected allergic reaction, suspected blood sugar issues, a head injury, or any other potential emergency. I will go to the classroom and escort the child to the health office in these situations.
    I can be reached at TJS from 8:15 am to 3:45 pm. From 11:20 through 12:45, I am in the first-floor work room. The room is close to the playground and cafeteria where I am needed most during that time. However, I can not be reached directly by phone at that time.  Please call the main office if you need to reach me then.  I can be found in the health office the rest of the day!
    The "roll call" line is 973-593-3182 then press #1.  You may leave a message at any time on that line.  To speak to me directly, please call 973-593-3182 extension 3184. PLEASE call each day your child will be late or absent, so we know that you children are safe and accounted for. WHEN YOU ARE CALLING YOUR CHILD IN SICK, PLEASE LEAVE YOUR CHILD'S NAME, TEACHER, AND SPECIFIC SYMPTOMS THAT YOUR CHILD IS EXPERIENCING.  Please remember to leave a message each day that your child will be absent or late!