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    Advanced Video Production

    Mr. Coviello


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    Availability: 7:15 - 7:40, LUNCH, 2:40 - 3:05


    Course Outline

    Video Production & Advanced Video Production are semester long courses offered at Madison High School. These courses are open to students who have an interest in learning about the software and skills required to work in the world of film and video production. The course sequence will provide students with the opportunity to learn and expand skills and techniques throughout the semester: filming, sound production, lighting and editing. The courses will also focus on learning a professional editing software program, Final Cut Pro. Final Cut Pro is the video editing industry standard, and is a powerful program that will allow students tremendous flexibility and creativity as they work to produce their projects. Students will use this editing software to create a number of possible video projects: Public Service Announcements (PSAs), product commercials, and short documentaries, movie trailers, music videos, and advanced projects such as short original series, and coverage of school events. 


    Grading Policy

    Video Production grades will be determined by a total number of points accumulated over the marking period.  Each project will have a rubric available for student review. The criteria for grading is:


    • Participation* (5pts per week)
    • Pre-Production (Usually 40% of project weight)
    • Final Video (Usually 60% of project weight)



    Critical Eye


    • We will write throughout the semester as we watch different media (Film, TV, Video) through a critical lens. Each critique will have specific criteria.


    * 5 Participation points are given in full to start the week.  Points will only be deducted if students have demonstrated they are not on task, disruptive, and/or not serving as productive members of the student film crew.


    Hallway Etiquette

    Our class is afforded the opportunity to create media throughout the building.  When students are in the hall, they are to be:


    • On Task
    • Respectful of other classes in session
    • Working diligently


    Students are not permitted to:


    • Take kids out of other classes



    Any reports of misbehavior will result in loss of privileges


    Late Work & Make-up Policy

    The world of media has deadlines.  One goal of this course is to train students to work within the world of media creation.  Another goal is to ensure all students meet each task to the best of their ability. Late work & make-ups will be accepted and will be dealt with on a case-by-case basis.


    Google Classroom

    All work will be assigned and completed digitally.  Each section will have their own unique google classroom for their particular class period.  This will be the main forum for communication, discussion, and assignment turn-in.


    Youtube, Instagram & MHS 21/34

    Expect your work to be featured on MHS TV, MadisonDodgerTv on Instagram, & Youtube.  Each student will be creating a youtube channel with their madisonnjps.org account as the host name.  This will allow the community at large to view the work.  


    Cell Phone Policy

    Cell Phone & Technology Use Protocol


    If used appropriately, cell phones and today’s technology have extraordinary potential for enhancing student learning and performance.  Unfortunately, they can become a hindrance in the classroom creating unnecessary distractions for students while diverting their attention away from learning.  


    It is the goal of the Madison High School Administration to provide teachers with strategies to proactively implement a management plan that is consistently followed throughout the building.  Our goal is for students to learn to use their devices appropriately and reach their full academic potential without being distracted in the classroom. Staff members are expected to model the appropriate behavior and will be held to the same standards as the student body.      


    Expectations for Students

    • Cell phones, listening devices (air pods), and Chromebooks are not to be used by students during instructional time unless permission has been granted.  This includes in the hallways and bathrooms and main, nurse’s and guidance offices.  
    • Cell phones and listening devices are permitted in study halls provided they do not become a distraction to other students.  Students that ask to go to the Media Center during their study hall are not permitted to use their cell phones or listening devices.  
    • Students are not required to place cell phones into classroom pocket holders.  However, cell phones and listening devices are to be silenced and out of sight during instructional time.  There will be no warnings. 
    • Smart watches may be worn during instructional time, but if they are being used inappropriately, students will be asked to remove them.  Smart watches will be removed during any assessment or graded assignment.
    • When permitted, students are expected to use all technology appropriately and for the right reasons.  Inappropriate use, including that on social media, can result in disciplinary action.   


    Expectations for Parents / Guardians:

    • We understand there may be a need to reach your child while they are in school.  Please be mindful that they will not have access to their phones at certain times during the day.  If there is an emergency or important message that you need to communicate to them, please call the main office (973-593-3117) and we will get it to them immediately.  


    Cell Phone & Technology Violations


    • First Violation:
    • Confiscation of electronic device/cell phone, device secured in the Main Office; returned to student at the end of the school day
    • Second Violation: 
    • Two Central Detentions
    • Confiscation of electronic device/cell phone, device secured in the Main Office; returned to student at the end of the school day
    • Third Violation: 
    • Saturday Detention
    • Confiscation of electronic device/cell phone, device secured in the Main Office


      • Device picked up by parent/guardian


    **If at any time a student refuses to put their device away or turn it over to a staff member, it will be considered insubordination.**

    Jeff Coviello