• Junior School Tries to Break Snowflake Record

    Posted by Sally Snelson on 1/25/2017

    Earlier today, the students, teachers, and administrators at Madison Junior School worked together to try and break the Guinness World Record for a team of any size, cutting 6-sided snowflakes in one hour.  

    hands on table go

    Students were required to start with their hands on the table, and when Principal, Dave Coster, made the announcement, the cutting began. Snowflakes had to be 6-sided, 6-pointed, with a minimum of 6 cutouts in addition to the diagonal cut to start. Students were trained before the event began in the instructions provided by Guinness.

    cutting away some finished

    Several students and teachers were patrolling the halls providing additional paper to the classrooms of snowflake cutters and other groups stopped by classrooms to pick up the finished snowflakes and drop them down in the collection center in the Main Office.

    first 15 minutes the team

    Principal, David Coster, with Anna Hatziemanuel, the Math teacher who spearheaded the event, and Lori Lubieski-Hutmaker, Assistant Principal, stand among the finished snowflakes, taking a moment to enjoy the excitement and overwhelming results of the well-planned event.

    working hard 6 cuts working hard2

    The independent and witnessed snowflake counters will be coming into the Junior School over the next couple of days to verify whether the world record was broken. However, if you had stopped by the Madison Junior School, between 9:35 and 10:35 am today, you would have witnessed a well-orchestrated snowflake cutting event. Many people worked together as a school-wide team, with activity in every classroom, the hallways, and the office. Whether or not the world record was broken, the day was a genuine success for Madison Junior School!

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  • Hour of Code

    Posted by Sally Snelson on 12/13/2016 2:00:00 PM

    Madison Schools Celebrate Computer Science Education Week

    December 5th through 11th was Computer Science Education Week and all of the Madison Public Schools celebrated with coding and other activities. Technology teachers in the elementary schools did code.org programming activities with all of the classes on their Chromebooks. 

    Hour of Code at KRS Robotics at CAS

    Central Avenue School also celebrated with a robotics program brought to their school through committed fundraising and their interest in STEM. First through fifth graders got to program their robots using iPads.

    Junior School Code Planning Building Code

    The Madison Junior School took over the gymnasium and the students worked in teams to write block-style computer programso which would be used to have a "robot" accomplish a series of tasks. When the teams finished the code they brought the code for testing to real live robots (their classmates) to see well their programs worked. There was fun, lots of rework, and a real sense of accomplishment. The Junior School also did code.org Hour of Code activities in their Advisory and Math classes. 

    Robot Turtles CAS Robot Turtles

    The Madison High School students took part in code.org Hour of Code activities in their math classes. The Kindergarten classes played a board game developed by a programmer to help teach programming and logical thinking to 4 through 7 year olds.

    Programming MHS Robots at CAS

    It was a great week for Computer Science Education in Madison!



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