Welcome to the Child Study Team
    and Special Services Staff Website
    at Torey J. Sabatini School

    Dawn McNichol - School Psychologist, Case Manager
    (973) 593-3153 ext 3166
    Britt Kuehn - Learning Disability Teacher - Consultant
    Dana Finn - Speech and Language Therapist
    Theresa Feron - Occupational Therapist
    Corinne Babich, Teacher
    Jennifer Larson, Teacher
    Alan Leiner, Teacher Assistant
    Doris Mutascio, Teacher Assistant
    Carolyn Rommeihs, Teacher
    Janet Silverstein, Teacher Assistant
    Teresa Townsend, Teacher
    Jenna Volper, Teacher Assistant

    The Child Study Team is an interdisciplinary unit of professionals, composed of a school psychologist, school social worker, and learning disabilities teacher consultant.

    The purpose of the team is to respond to appropriate referrals from teachers, parents, and related school personnel who believe that a child may require an evaluation to determine if special services are warranted.

    Once an evaluated has been conducted, members of the Child Study Team meet with parents and teachers to determine whether or not the child is eligible for special services.

    If a student is in need of special services, team members work with parents, teachers, administrators and other professionals to develop an appropriate Individual Education Program (IEP) for the student. 

    If you have any questions about special services please call the department at (973) 593-3153.