Team 6A wants to celebrate some students who represent several of the characteristics of Diversity.   Those two students are selfless, respect the rights, beliefs, self-advocate, and opinions of others. Additionally, both students have been caught helping others and always doing the right thing.   These two students are honest on time and always look out for their fellow classmates. Congratulations to Alex Sadowski and Amelia Nevin for being the Team 6A Super Stars for the month of January!    We are proud of you and all of our students who are future leaders! 


    Team 6B is lucky to have 2 such wonderful Leaders of the Month for February.  Congratulations Calista Farrell and Theo Bruns. Both Calista and Theo are kind and caring members of our 6th-grade community.  They are considerate of their peers and work well with any group. We can always count on them to be positive role models.


    Team 7A’s leaders of the month are Luiza Crespi and Nolan Flanagan.  Luiza has had a stellar run this year across all subjects, and she is always proactively seeking ways to improve her skills.  We are so impressed with Luiza, and her sense of sassy humor always makes us smile. Nolan Flanagan works hard and is conscientious in his approach. He asks sharp questions and seeks extra help.  Nolan and Luiza both go the extra mile, and we’re so proud!


    Team 7B teachers are proud to announce that Sam Gero and Izzy Clark have been selected as February's Leaders of the Month! Both Sam and Izzy are incredibly hard workers and are always working with a smile on their face. They are kind, respectful and work well with their peers. Our classrooms are brighter with you two in them! Congratulations!


    Team 8A - Sam Cohen is an active participant in all of his classes, bringing his own perspective to class discussions. He is supportive and collaborative with his peers, making him a role model in the classroom. He is also respectful of his classmates, making sure to include everyone. Luiza Fonseca Dantas, after coming to MJS halfway through the year, has proven herself to be an outstanding member of our school. She helps to shape MJS as a diverse learning community where everyone feels they belong and has a place. She is kind and helpful to her classmates, making all feel welcome and included.  


    Team 8B’s leaders of the month are Chiara DeVincenzo and Faiz Yasin. Both students are extremely hard-working, while maintaining a positive and enthusiastic attitude throughout the day. They embrace all of their classmates and guide others in the journey of learning by sharing their knowledge and experiences with the class.