• Team 6A

    Team 6A is ecstatic to declare that Scott Sullivan and Clotilde Monville are being recognized as our Leaders of the Month for February.  They are both responsible, motivated, and passionate students who come to school every day with a smile, an excitement for learning, and a dedication for going above and beyond.  Scottie and Clotilde both pay very close attention to details and make sure that their daily work is accurate and of the utmost quality. They are both model students that set a positive example for their peers working hard not only for themselves, but to help their peers as well.  Their work ethic and focus on doing well is an inspiration to Team 6A, fitting the definition of being a leader.   

    Team 6B

    Team 6Bs Leaders of the Month are Summer Contessa and Matthew Munoz.  Both Matt and Summer exemplify the qualities of an MJS Leader.  Matt is a respectful and well-liked student and he is very conscientious about his school work.   Summer is polite and respectful to both her classmates and teachers.  She is a hard worker who strives to do her best in all of her classes.  Congratulations to both! 

    Team 7A

    Team 7A wants to congratulate the following students for being Leaders of the Month:  Dante DeBiasse and Paige Murray.  Dante starts each class with a bright and eager greeting, and his enthusiasm and effort extends through the whole class time.  Dante puts in a lot of outside effort in his studies, and it shows in his impressive results.  He's a great role model for others in the classroom.  Paige works hard to make the most out of every minute of class time. She soaks in lesson content and is quick to apply that content to her own writing.  Paige asks great questions and is quick to roll up her sleeves and get to work.  We hope she is as proud of herself as we are of her! 

    Team 7B

    For Team 7B, Emily Csatlos and Kieran O'Connor are the Leaders of the Month.  Emily is a detail-orientated student.  She goes above and beyond what's required.  She always wants to challenge herself.  She often leads in small group settings.  Kieran is an incredibly hard worker and strives to do well.  He works very well with others and constantly wants to improve himself.  Both are true MJS leaders and we celebrate their accomplishments. 

    Team 8A

    Team 8A would like to nominate Chris Anderson and Elise Hart.  Chris is an incredibly hard-working student who always has a smile on his face.  His positive attitude and drive in the classroom are to be commended.  He is engaged in his classes and is always respectful.  Great job, Chris!  Elise is a very conscientious student who goes out of her way to help her teachers and her peers.  She works incredibly hard in all of her classes.  Her positive attitude and drive should serve as a model for all students.

    Team 8B

    Team 8B would like to nominate Elizabeth Wielandy and Colin Melvin as Leaders of the Month.  Elizabeth has been an all-around wonderful student.  During classroom discussions, Elizabeth’s insights are remarkably thoughtful and accurate, and the depth of the conversation always improves with her input.  Colin has shown to be a model example of how to be kind and respectful to everyone around him at all times.  He is extremely responsible with his work, and is always willing to lend a helping hand to his peers and teachers.