• Team 6A

    Aiden Shah and Sofia Barahona are being honored as Team 6A’s Leaders of the Month for December.  Both students are classroom role models, are conscientious, hardworking, and kind to their fellow peers.  Your team teachers are very proud of you!

    Team 6B

    Team 6B's Isha Talpede and Toon Janssen are two fantastic Leaders of the Month for December.  Both Isha and Toon exemplify the qualities of an MJS leader.  Isha is conscientious, collaborative, and is always willing to help her classmates.  Toon leads with a quiet confidence and is inspirational to his peers.

    Team 7A

    Team 7A recognizes Ella Tucker and Deniz Tektas as a Leaders of the Month.  Ella has a quiet yet focused demeanor in class, which is balanced by her sharp insights.  She proactively seeks out teacher feedback in order to sharpen her own skills, and her hard work pays off.  Ella is truly a leader among her peers. Go, Ella!  We also want to honor the efforts of Deniz, who brings to class his curiosity and a great sense of humor every day.  He applies himself in a focused and dedicated way, and he works hard to master the material taught in class to make it his own.  Congratulations, Deniz!

    Team 7B

    The 7B Team is proud to nominate Ashley Driscoll and Charles Pacaud as Leaders of the Month.  Ashley's work ethic is second to none.  She is always willing to give each task one hundred percent and does so with a smile.  She participates in class regularly and is a great leader and role model for her peers.  Through Charles' subtle commanding presence he is an excellent role model to his peers.  Charles has shown excellent research and analytical thinking skills and continues to impress his teachers and classmates alike.  Congratulations Ashley and Charles! 

    Team 8A

    Team 8A would like to recognize Jack Neumann and Caitlyn Carnell.  Jack is an extremely hard worker, who is willing to give up his lunchtime and after school activities to be on top of his work.  He is always willing to face new academic challenges with a smile.  We are so proud of all of Jack’s achievements over the past month.  Caitlyn is always actively engaged in her work.  She is kind and courteous to teachers and peers.  Her enthusiasm and dedication to her studies are to be commended.  

    Team 8B

    Team 8B would like to recognize Avery Benjamin and Ben Colao as our December Leaders of the Month.  Avery leads by being an energetic student, who is determined to succeed in the classroom.  She is a strong self-advocate who seeks out help when needed, and her organizational skills really shine when she misses class and needs to make up work.  Ben demonstrates leadership through his generosity in and out of the classroom.  In school he is always eager to lend a helping hand, and out of school he dedicates his time to philanthropic work to better the situation of others.  He is a role model for making the world a better place.