• Team 6A

    Team Six A is Sincerely excited to Share that Sam Bedoya and Salome Arbelaez are our Super Students of the month!   These superbly super special students have been successful in their studies throughout all four seasonal semesters. Both students have had a steadfast approach to their studies and are sincerely respected by other students, and have made a significant improvement throughout the year.  Sam, also known as Uncle Sam, has been a model student, sets a positive example for others to follow, and always supportive of others in the class. Salome came to 6th grade in September speaking only Spanish and has worked so hard to be successful in all of her classes and now is a shining example of what hard work can result in!   We are proud of you both!

    Team 6B

    Team 6B have two fantastic Leaders of the Month.  Macey Arnold and Jordan McMillan. Both Macey and Jordan truly exemplify what it means to be a Leader at MJS.  Macey comes to class with a smile and is always ready to rock n roll.  She is kind and helpful to her classmates and she is an excellent student, with her conscientious behavior and willingness to help a lending hand.  Her quiet confidence is an inspiration to her peers.  Jordan is a polite student who makes it a point to greet his teachers each and every day when he walks into the classroom.  He also never forgets to say goodbye with a funny message as he leaves the room.  His kindness and wonderful sense of humor are contagious.       

    Team 7A

    Team 7A congratulates Michelle Kirby and Faiz Yasin as our May Leaders of the Month.  With their quiet demeanor and steady work ethic, Michelle and Faiz lead by example and inspire others around them to step up their game.  Michelle's insights during in-class discussions are razor sharp and always move the conversation forward.  Faiz lightens the mood with his quick wit and sense of humor -- his contributions to class, whether in whole-class or small group discussions, challenge people's thinking in a positive way.  We are so proud of them both. Congratulations, Michelle and Faiz! 

    Team 7B

    For Team 7B, Ryan Hock and Alyssa Lee.  One of 7B’s most enthusiastic team members, Ryan is a super achiever and absolutely loves learning!  He is always offering anecdotal stories to add flavor to the classroom and is an active participant.   In Social Studies, Ryan willingly takes on extra tasks for the good of the class and instruction.  Ryan has shared that he is extremely pumped up about his memoir in Language Arts.  Recently in Science, he was thrilled to learn he was chosen to work on an independent medical case study.  Never one to shun a challenge or difficult subject, he immediately immersed himself wholeheartedly into it and is looking forward to sharing his work with everyone.  Ryan truly personifies all of the ingredients of a quintessential successful student - curiosity, dedication, inquisitiveness, and lifelong seeker of knowledge.  Alyssa’s teachers describe her as being laser focused in all of her classes.  Eager to learn, she puts forth maximum effort on all challenges and assignments.  No matter what she is working on she goes above and beyond the expectations.  Alyssa embodies numerous winning character traits as exemplified in the classroom – honesty, integrity, authenticity, conscientiousness, self-discipline, and responsibility.  This girl definitely has what it takes to succeed!

    Team 8A

    Team 8 A would like to nominate Mallory Hayes and Matthias Kim for the Leaders of the Month of May.  Mallory is described by her teachers as a bright student who values education and enjoys learning.  She demonstrates respect for her classmates, is valuable in class discussions, and is one of the hardest workers at MJS.  Mallory is a leader in the High School Marching Band Color Guard and Madison recreational volleyball program.  We are all very proud of Mallory.  Keep up the great work!   Matthias walks into each and every classroom with a smile, ready to learn.  He is always eager to engage in the lesson or activity for the day.  Matthias is willing to help his peers be just as successful as he is in the classroom.  He also challenges himself outside of the classroom by participating in the MJS Robotics tournament and the MJS Robotics team.  We are glad to recognize Matthias as Leader of the Month of May!

    Team 8B

    Team 8B would like to nominate Joey DeMarzo and Zoe Bohensky for leaders of the month.  Joey works extremely hard to further his education.  He is a great model of how a student should be a self-advocate, asking questions to clarify concepts, and not quitting until he fully understands the material.  His bright smile, and friendly demeanor always helps to improve the classroom environment.  Zoe’s dedication has shown tremendous growth with her course work this year.  She can be frequently spotted around the school helping others whenever she can.  Zoe recently won an award for outstanding orchestra member at the MAYO performing arts center, which demonstrates how her hard work has extended past the classroom.